1A football coaches have voted on which players they believe are the best on their side of Wyoming, for the 2017 season.


Haize Fornstrom - Pine Bluffs

Andrew Fornstrom - Pine Bluffs

Ishmael DePaulitte - Pine Bluffs

Wyatt Fornstrom - Pine Bluffs

Hunter Jeffres - Pine Bluffs

Brad Schmidl - Pine Bluffs

John Merryfield - Pine Bluffs

James Merryfield - Pine Bluffs

Will Pelissier - Big Horn

Quinn McCafferty - Big Horn

Kade Eisele - Big Horn

Kade VanDyken - Big Horn

Kyler Ostler - Big Horn

Nolan Rader - Big Horn

Seth Mullinax - Big Horn

Clayton Louderback - Upton/Sundance

Dawson Butts - Upton/Sundance

Payton Watt - Upton/Sundance

Jayden Caylor - Upton/Sundance

Jarrett Schloredt - Upton/Sundance

Tanner Hofland - Upton/Sundance

Chase Lovercheck - Southeast

Brady Fullmer - Southeast

Sterling Warner - Southeast

Tanner Hort - Southeast

Hunter Woodruff - Southeast

Drake Lamp - Niobrara County

Damion Molzahn - Niobrara County

Cole Mellott - Niobrara County

JT Hammond - Tongue River

AJ Lytton - Tongue River

Kyler Heiling - Tongue River

Dax Yeradi - Wright

Ian Knudsen - Wright

Cole Thomas - Wright

Phoenix Buske - Wright

1A East Offensive Player of the Year: Haize Fornstrom - Pine Bluffs

1A East Defensive Player of the Year: Kade Eisele - Big Horn

1A East Lineman of the Year: Seth Mullinax - Big Horn

1A East Coach of the Year: Will Gray - Pine Bluffs



Anthony Peterson - Cokeville

Bentley Johnson - Cokeville

Rick Nate - Cokeville

Bradon Johnson - Cokeville

Sterling Murdock - Cokeville

Cordell Viehweig - Cokeville

Tristan Nate - Cokeville

Ethan Price - Rocky Mountain

Lathan May - Rocky Mountain

Carson May - Rocky Mountain

Treyson Frost - Rocky Mountain

Tristan Jewell - Rocky Mountain

Wyatt Horrocks - Rocky Mountain

Kyle Hoyt - Rocky Mountain

Dylan Cachelin - Wind River

Castor Collins - Wind River

Morgan Miller - Wind River

Jaren Guina - Wind River

Justin Martin - Wind River

Colton Beefus - Wind River

Sam Schneider - Saratoga

Preston Dew - Saratoga

Wyatt Cox - Saratoga

Cameron Travis - Saratoga

Nathan Rimmer - Saratoga

Andrew Jennings - Shoshoni

Manny Gonzalez - Shoshoni

Wyatt Ramsey - Shoshoni

Mason Lucas - Shoshoni

Mearl Goodnight - Wyoming Indian

Jayce Old Coyote - Wyoming Indian

Matthew Underwood - Wyoming Indian

6-Man West Offensive Player of the Year: Rick Nate - Cokeville

6-Man West Defensive Player of the Year: Anthony Peterson - Cokeville

6-Man West Lineman of the Year: Cordell Viehweig - Cokeville

6-Man West Coach of the Year: Todd Dayton - Cokeville

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