The Wyoming Coaches Association released its 2021 all-state awards for the boys’ high school track and field season.

These honors are not voted on. They go to the top two finishers in an individual event at the state meet or as part of a victorious relay.

Three gentlemen earned the third all-state award of their high school career. They are C.J. Lindsay of Lovell, Star Valley’s Peter Visser, and Kaden Dower from Western Heritage Lutheran Academy. These three missed a chance at becoming four-time winners thanks to the 2020 season being canceled due to the virus.

Twenty-two more young men received their second all-state honor in the 2021 season.

The list of all-state winners is listed by school name first, and then alphabetically by their last name.


Nathaniel Boreen – Burlington

Kolby Broederlow – Burlington

Gideon George – Burlington

Kody Gotfredson – Burlington

Nate Barnes – Cokeville (All-State 2019)

Ethan Bird – Cokeville (All-State 2019)

Jack Dayton – Cokeville

Tyler Moyes – Cokeville (All-State 2019)

Micah Petersen – Cokeville

Drake Plowman – Cokeville

Hunter Thomas – Cokeville

Kyland Fuller - Lingle-Fort Laramie

Cooper Hill - Lingle-Fort Laramie

Dace Bennett – Meeteetse

Jack LaLonga – Meeteetse

Tozai May – Meeteetse

Dale McBride – Meeteetse

Grady Bartlett – Saratoga

Grant Bartlett – Saratoga

Noah Rimmer – Saratoga (All-State 2019)

Ryan Clapper – Southeast

Boe Nichols - Ten Sleep (All-State 2019)

Nathan Baker – Upton

Reece Barritt – Upton

Luca Brooks – Upton

Brayden Bruce – Upton (All-State 2019)

Jess Claycomb – Upton (All-State 2019)

Kailer Duarte – Upton

Ethan Mills – Upton

Kaden Dower - Western Heritage Lutheran Academy (All-State 2018 & 2019)


Carson Bates – Big Horn (All-State 2019)

Riley Green – Big Horn

Will Huckeba – Big Horn (All-State 2019)

Bryce Morris – Big Horn

Dawson Richards – Big Horn

Josh Thompson – Big Horn

Hunter Fisher – Big Piney

Carlos Munoz – Big Piney

Gaven McColloch – Greybull

Jasper Caldera – Lusk

Kendrick Beckman – Rocky Mountain

Kelden Boettcher – Rocky Mountain

Austin Haslem – Rocky Mountain

Collin Haslem – Rocky Mountain

Zane Horrocks – Rocky Mountain (All-State 2019)

Trevor Jewell – Rocky Mountain

Branson Robison – Rocky Mountain

Carsyn Weber – Rocky Mountain

Hunter Skeens – Sundance (All-State 2019)

Jason Barron – Tongue River

Michael Barron – Tongue River

Isaiah Cote – Tongue River

Jacob Knobloch – Tongue River

Garrett Ostler – Tongue River

Al Spotted – Tongue River

Charles Dillon – Wind River

Jaycee Herbert – Wind River

Remington Herbert – Wind River

Colby Jenks – Wind River


Cody Hape – Burns

Wade Pollock – Burns

Keltan Ewing – Douglas

Cameryn Spence – Douglas

Owen Burnett – Kemmerer

Blaine Goklish – Lander

Sam Kistemann – Lander (All-State 2019)

Ethan Kraft – Lander

Bryan St. Clair – Lander

Kaleb Simonson – Lander (All-State 2019)

C.J. Lindsay – Lovell (All-State 2018 & 2019)

Quinn Lindsay – Lovell (All-State 2019)

Ezekiel Newman – Lovell (All-State 2019)

Ben Nichols – Lovell

Preston Nichols – Lovell

TJ Scheeler – Lovell

Preston Nichols – Lovell

Braxton Bradshaw – Lyman

Joseph Turner – Lyman (All-State 2019)

Luke Branson – Mountain View

Tanner Collins – Mountain View

Tel Malone – Mountain View

Connor Micheli – Mountain View (All-State 2019)

Sam Porter – Mountain View

Ashton Schofield – Mountain View (All-State 2019)

Monse Serrano – Pine Bluffs

Teagan Bowers – Pinedale

Riley Bennett – Powell

Mario Guerrero – Rawlins

Dian Hensen – Rawlins

Lorenzo Johanson – Rawlins

Teric Ledwell – Rawlins

Jarron Mascarenas – Rawlins


Remar Pitter – Campbell County

Brandon Werkele – Campbell County

Kaliff Guevara – Cheyenne East

Luke Talich – Cody

Cade Francom – Evanston

Hayden Roberts – Green River

Brandon Brazil – Jackson

Roman Goralski – Jackson

Mason Wheeler – Jackson

Ben Williams – Jackson (All-State 2019)

Collin Boroz – Kelly Walsh

Cameron Burkett – Kelly Walsh

Nathan Costalez – Kelly Walsh

Dominic Jahr – Kelly Walsh

Trenton Walker – Kelly Walsh

Darius Wiggins – Kelly Walsh (All-State 2019)

Aidan Morris – Laramie (All-State 2019)

Robert Douglas – Natrona County

Rylan Koehn – Riverton

Austin Akers – Sheridan

Izak Aksamit – Sheridan

Carl Askins – Sheridan

Reese Charest – Sheridan

Nathan Fitzpatrick – Sheridan

Ryan Karajanis – Sheridan (All-State 2019)

Dominic Kaszas – Sheridan

Caiden Martin – Sheridan

Kyle Meinecke – Sheridan

Gaige Vielhauer – Sheridan

Gabe Clinger – Star Valley

Peter Visser – Star Valley (All-State 2018 & 2019)

Isaiah Haliburton – Thunder Basin

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