The wrestling season continues this week as the state championship tournament is near This week we have the state regional tournaments which is the highlight for the weekend. Check below to see where each team is headed this weekend.

Regional wrestling tournaments are scheduled to take place on Feb. 19-20.

The tournaments are split into quadrants by location for each class. The quadrants are Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.

The state wrestling tournament is scheduled to take place on the weekend of Feb. 25-27 in Casper.

More Information about each event is to come.

4A Southwest in Evanston, WY, Feb. 19

Evanston, Jackson, Rock Springs

Rock Springs: 231

Evanston: 196

Jackson: 97

106: Broc Fletcher, Rock Springs over Walker Wilson, Evanston (MD 15-4)

113: Ryder Wilson, Evanston over Jackariza Mach, Jackson (Fall 1:35)

120: Josh Sosa, Rock Springs over Kyson Hamilton, Evanston (Fall 2:39)

126: Tim Henry, Rock Springs over Riley Kohler, Evanston (Fall 1:25)

132: Garret Fletcher, Rock Springs over Brady Roberts, Evanston (Fall 0:49)

138: Kendell Cummings, Evanston over RJ Davidson, Rock Springs (Fall 5:38)

145: Ryker Case, Evanston over Rowdy Saacvedra, Evanston (NC)

152: Mason Yenney, Rock Springs over Tanner Metcalf, Rock Springs (Fall 2:51)

160: Cash Christensen, Rock Springs over Ryan Dunne, Jackson (Fall 1:51)

170: Danial Suazo, Rock Springs over Aiden Leichty, Evanston (Fall 2:13)

182: Ian Dickinson, Rock Springs over Justin Castagno, Jackson (Injury)

195: Mayson Erickson, Evanston over Pablo Meza, Rock Springs (Fall 0:17)

220: Rigan Hoggatt, Evanston over Colter Dawson, Jackson (Dec 6-2)

285: AJ Kelly, Rock Springs over Jack Brown, Jackson (Fall 0:32)

4A Southeast in Cheyenne, WY, Feb. 19 

Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South

Cheyenne East: 247

Cheyenne Central: 164 

Cheyenne South: 76

106: Alleynah Ronnau, Cheyenne East over Cory Bomhoff, Cheyenne Central (Dec. 8-7) 

113: Benjamin Whitright, Cheyenne East over Wyatt Weiss, Cheyenne Central (Dec. 5-3)

120: Landon Trujillo, Cheyenne East over Kolby Williams, Cheyenne East (Pin) 

126: Gabe Trujillo, Cheyenne South over Alex Gallego, Cheyenne South (Dec. 17-5)

132: Jacob Soden, Cheyenne South over Treyton Ferrari, Cheyenne Central (Dec. 16-3)

138: Brian Mead, Cheyenne East over Branden Steward, Cheyenne East (Pin)

145: Cade Pugh, Cheyenne East over Slater Bates, Cheyenne Central (Pin)

152: Cael Pugh, Cheyenne East over Seth Scott, Cheyenne East (Dec. 7-4) 

160: Jackson Hesford, Cheyenne East over Nathan Lundberg, Cheyenne Central (Dec. 17-9) 

170: Blaise Ronnau, Cheyenne East over Blakely Blanchard, Cheyenne South, (Fall)

182: Keagan Bartlett, Cheyenne East over Dominic Lopez, Cheyenne East (Fall)

195: Bradley Whitright, Cheyenne East over Trevor Eldridge, Cheyenne East (Fall) 

220: Trey Bower, Cheyenne East over Josiah Aragon, Cheyenne East (Dec. 5-3) 

285: Gavyn Aumiller, Cheyenne East over Jimmy Koenig, Cheyenne Central (Pin) 

4A Northwest in Casper, WY, Feb. 19

Kelly Walsh, Laramie, Natrona

Natrona: 256

Kelly Walsh: 202

Laramie: 126.5

106: Kaden Orr, Natrona over Liam Knerr, Laramie (MD 14-2)

113: Tate Tromble, Natrona over Luke Guseman, Kelly Walsh (Fall)

120: Cole Wirtz, Kelly Walsh over Kael Johnson, Natrona (Dec. 5-4)

126: Dakota Ledford, Laramie over Nathaniel Sausedo, Natrona (Dec 4-3)

132: Kyler Henderson, Natrona over Dylan Brenton, Natrona (NC)

138: Billy Brenton, Natrona over Fischer Hawkins, Laramie (MD 17-6)

145: Analu Benabise, Kelly Walsh over Cyruss Meeks, Natrona (Dec. 7-5)

152: Kaeden Wilcox, Natrona over Giovanni Lucchi, Kelly Walsh (Dec 7-3)

160: Sam Henderson, Kelly Walsh over Rhett Buhler, Natrona (Fall)

170: Noah Hone, Kelly Walsh over Ben Ruckman, Laramie (Dec. 4-1) 

182: Gavin Kopp, Laramie over Jesse Thornton, Kelly Walsh (Dec 9-5)

195: Davis Knight, Natrona over Aragon Garro, Kelly Walsh (Fall)

220: Colter Helm, Natrona over Dom Gray, Kelly Walsh (Fall)

285: D'Anthony Smith, Natrona over Carlos Enriquez, Kelly Walsh (Fall) 

4A Northeast in Sheridan, WY, Feb. 19

Campbell County, Sheridan, Thunder Basin

Sheridan: 241

Thunder Basin: 239.5

Campbell County: 125

106: Cole Riesen, Sheridan over Cody Dunham, Sheridan. (NC) 

113: Antonio Avila, Thunder Basin over Darron Provost, Campbell County. (Dec. 7-2)  

120: Alex Draper, Thunder Basin over Landon Wood, Sheridan. (Dec. 7-3)

126: Jeric Igo, Thunder Basin over Parker Lee, Thunder Basin. (NC)

132: Hunter Goodwin, Sheridan over Jais Rose, Thunder Basin. (MD 14-5)

138: Reese Osborn, Sheridan over Dylan Catlin, Thunder Basin. (Fall 1:26)

145: Seamus Casey, Thunder Basin over Dane Steel, Sheridan. (UTB 2-1)

152: Cael Porter, Thunder Basin over Terran Grooms, Sheridan. (Dec 7-5)

160: Colson Coon, Sheridan over Deyton Johnson, Thunder Basin. (Fall 0:51)

170: Hayden Crow, Thunder Basin over Aden Jorgensen, Thunder Basin, Jr. (Fall 1:41) 

182: Brock Steel, Sheridan over Aidyn Mitchell, Thunder Basin. (Fall 5:49)

195: Dillion Glick, Thunder Basin over Jim Strobbe, Sheridan. (Dec 4-2) 

220: Lane Catlin, Thunder Basin over Quinton Mangus, Sheridan. (Dec 7-1)

285: Colter Rankin, Campbell County over Justin Vela, Sheridan (Dec. 3-2)

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3A Southwest in Green River, WY, Feb. 19

Green River, Lyman, Mountain View, Star Valley

Star Valley: 247.5

Green River: 183

Lyman: 83

Mountain View: 65

106: Kale Knezovich, Green River over Kazen Siler, Lyman (Dec. 7-0)

113: Sefton Douglass, Lyman over Dominic Martinez, Green River (MD 10-1)

120: Thomas Dalton, Green River over Waylon Nelson, Star Valley (Dec 4-2)

126: Jacob Guild, Star Valley over Kade Flores, Green River (8-1)

132: Conner Todd, Green River over Kaleb Fila, Star Valley (Dec 4-2)

138: Tanner Collins, Mountain View over Winston Green, Star Valley (Fall 0:43)

145: Brayden Andrews, Star Valley over Braxton Sabey, Lyman (MD 13-2)

152: Haze Child, Star Valley over Zach Weipert, Green River (Dec 6-0)

160: Joseph Thompson, Star Valley over Joshua Semadeni, Star Valley (NC)

170: Harrison Hoopes, Star Valley over Max Orr, Green River (TF-1.5 4:40)

182: Zachary Patterson, Star Valley over Mark Walker, Mountain View (Dec 8-3)

195: Tony Mickelson, Star Valley over Michael Cynova, Green River (Fall 5:09)

220: Deylin Miller, Green River over Kysen Hebdon, Star Valley (Fall 2:23)

285: Gabe Neild, Star Valley over Carter White, Star Valley (NC)

3A Southeast in Wheatland, WY, Feb. 19

Burns/Pine Bluffs, Rawlins, Torrington, Wheatland

Burns/Pine Bluffs: 178

Wheatland: 144

Rawlins: 127

Torrington: 82

106: Adrian Trujillo, Rawlins over Lucas Phipps, Rawlins (Fall 3:29)

113: Zachary Covolo, Rawlins over Carlyle McGinnnis-Sparks, Burns/Pine Bluffs (Fall 1:41)

120: Blayne Coleman, Rawlins over Baylen Smith, Burns/Pine Bluffs (MD 8-0)

126: Sage Lonn, Rawlins over Erick Duran, Rawlins (Fall 6:00)

132: Devin Weber, Wheatland over Ezra Archuleta, Rawlins (Fall 2:34)

138: Keegan Meyer, Wheatland over Conor Manlove, Burns/Pine Bluffs (Fall 1:51)

145: Logan Branigan, Burns/Pine Bluffs  over Jake Hicks, Wheatland (Fall 3:25)

152: Noah Whitfield, Wheatland over Josh Smith, Rawlins (Dec 8-7)

160: Cross Hernandez, Wheatland over Elliot Anderson, Burns/Pine Bluffs (Fall 1:07)

170: Maxx Meyer, Wheatland over Tagr Holmes, Burns/Pine Bluffs (Fall 1:05)

182: Cody Winslow, Burns/Pine Bluffs over Caleb Hyche, Wheatland (Fall 1:45)

195: Rhiley Grubbs, Torrington over Colter Haws, Burns/Pine Bluffs (Dec 5-3)

220: Sam Sorenson, Torrington over Garrett Parker, Rawlins (Fall 4:32)

285: Lincoln Siebert, Burns/Pine Bluffs over Cale Haws, Burns/Pine Bluffs (Fall 4:23)

3A Northwest in Riverton, WY, Feb. 19

Cody, Lander, Pinedale, Powell, Riverton

Powell: 215

Pinedale: 178.5

Lander: 154

Cody: 137

Riverton: 96

106: Nate Balderas, Powell over Coaltyn Laird, Lander (Fall 0:45)

113: Jake Hammer, Pinedale over Weston Thomas, Powell (Fall 3:25)

120: Logan Werner, Powell over Tristan Haley, Pinedale (Dec 7-0)

126: Charles Snyder, Lander over Emma Karhu, Powell (Fall 1:22)

132: Colton Gehlhausen, Pinedale over Paxton Rees, Lander (Fall 0:08)

138: Cody Phelps, Pinedale over Gabe Harris, Lander (Fall 5:31)

145: Riley Bennett, Powell over Taylor Richey, Pinedale (Fall 1:06)

152: Seth Horton, Powell over Brady Deming, Cody (Fall 1:32)

160: Kaleb Bigelow, Pinedale over Jackson Wood, Cody (TF-1.5 4:38 (17-2))

170: Keegan Gehlhausen, Pinedale over Tray Hyatt, Riverton (MD 15-6)

182: Jack Sweeney, Lander over Keaton Stone, Cody (Dec 5-0)

195: Kaden Gantenbein, Riverton over Jimmy Dees, Powell (Fall 1:44)

220: Jonas Mickelson, Cody over Lyric Gordon, Riverton (Fall 3:38)

285: Cody Cunningham, Lander over Dan Becker, Cody (Fall 3:09)

3A Northeast in Douglas, WY, Feb. 19

Buffalo, Douglas, Newcastle/Upton, Worland

Douglas: 245

Worland: 231

Newcastle/Upton: 121

Buffalo: 85

106: Brenton Ross, Buffalo over Anthony Martinez, Worland (Fall 2:49)

113: Nycholas Melchor, Douglas over Blake Durfee, Newcastle/Upton (Fall 3:45)

120: Ross Goncalves, Worland over Christian Johnson, Douglas (Fall 5:45)

126: Luke Ewing, Douglas over Colton Briscoe, Buffalo (Fall 1:01)

132: Rylan Wehr, Douglas over Kein Anderson, Worland (Fall 3:58)

138: Keltan Ewing, Douglas over Aidan Coberly, Newcastle/Upton (Fall 3:00)

145: Lane Ewing, Douglas over Kale Corle, Newcastle/Upton (Injury)

152: Aaron Carver, Worland over Jacob Prell, Newcastle/Upton (Fall 1:50)

160: Luke Goncalves, Worland over Kael Matthews, Douglas (Fall 1:22)

170: Kagan Lenzen, Douglas over Jace Skovgard, Buffalo (Fall 2:35)

182: Koby Case, Douglas over Ralph Moreno, Worland (Fall 2:51)

195: Lane McBee, Worland over Josh Womack, Newcastle/Upton (Fall 1:05)

220: Christian Peterson, Worland over Kolby Parker, Douglas (Fall 0:19)

285: Kyle Logar, Douglas over Koby Tigner, Worland (Fall 2:24) 

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2A Southwest in Big Piney, WY, Feb. 20

Big Piney, Cokeville, Dubois, Kemmerer, Wind River, Wyoming Indian

Kemmerer: 186.5

Cokeville: 185

Wind River: 170

Big Piney: 116

Dubios: 83

Wyoming Indian: No Team Score*

106: Karl Haslem, Kemmerer over Jackie Meador, Big Piney (Fall 3:06)

113: Aidan Ruby, Wind River over Mont Haslem, Kemmerer (MD 13-2)

120: Connor Vickrey, Kemmerer over Micah Peterson, Cokeville (Dec 3-0)

126: Gabe Emery, Kemmerer over Cooper Frederick, Wind River (Fall 1:09)

132: Issac Struna, Dubois over Ayden Kelly, Kemmerer (Fall 1:18)

138: Cael Thompson, Cokeville over Landen Brownlee, Wind River (Fall 3:17)

145: Riggen Walker, Kemmerer over Garrett Reece, Cokeville (Dec 9-3)

152: Wyatt Trembly, Dubois over Ammon Halls, Cokeville (Fall 2:21)

160: Eli Linford, Cokeville over Casen Smith, Kemmerer (Fall 3:15)

170: AQ Peternal, Kemmerer over Matt Thompson, Cokeville (Dec 11-4)

182: Landon Walker, Cokeville over Colter Collver, Wind River (Dec 10-5)

195: Thomas Howard, Big Piney over Dylan Hagler, Kemmerer (Dec 12-6)

220: Tucker Jensen, Wind River over Connor Viehweg, Cokeville (Fall 1:03)

285: Cole Barrett, Wind River over Robert Hunt, Big Piney (Fall 1:14)

2A Southeast in Glenrock, WY, Feb. 20

Glenrock, H.E.M., Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast, Lusk, Saratoga

Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast: 171

Saratoga: 154

Glenrock: 146

Lusk: 95

H.E.M: 26

106: Grant Logsdon, Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast over Josiah Stockwell, Saratoga (Dec 7-0)

113: Brock Blevins, Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast over Tucker Carricato, Saratoga (Fall 3:17)

120: Kaleb Brothwell, Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast over David West, Lusk (Fall 0:35)

126: Talon Granaas, Glenrock over Jerry Everett, Saratoga (Fall 1:30)

132: Colton Coffman, Lusk over Jaden Houk, Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast (Fall 2:59)

138: Slayd Daley, Saratoga over Paxton Piasecki, Glenrock (Fall 3:44)

145: Dustin Simmons, Glenrock over Justin Shotwell, Saratoga (Fall 1:23)

152: Lance York, Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast over Brayden Gray, Saratoga (Fall 0:29)

160: Corden Phillips, Glenrock over Brant Fullmer, Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast (MD 13-3)

170: Miles Ashurst, Lusk over Dusty Cox, Glenrock (Injury)

182: Lane Rainey, Glenrock over Ethan Steinhausen, Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast (Fall 2:34)

195: Andrik Moreno, Glenrock over Kellen Reeder, Saratoga (Fall 1:55)

220: Jasper Caldera, Lusk over Quade Jordan, Saratoga (Dec 8-3)

285: Will Baker, Lingle Ft. Laramie/Southeast over  Ben Wagy, Saratoga (Fall 0:33)

2A Northwest in Thermopolis, WY, Feb. 20

Lovell, Shoshoni, Riverside/Greybull, Rocky Mountain, Thermopolis

Lovell: 209

Shoshoni: 166.5

Thermopolis: 125

Rocky Mountain: 81

Greybull/Riverside: 74

106: Ethan Tarango, Shoshoni over Kathryn Mickelson, Lovell (Fall 3:47)

113: William Spann, Lovell over Nicky Knigge, Shoshoni (Injury)

120: Cardon Mickelson, Lovell over Dalton Price, Thermopolis (Fall 1:21)

126: Nathaniel Boreen, Rocky Mountain over Kyler Marchant, Lovell (Fall 1:50)

132: Asher Nicholson, Lovell over Braeden Cash, Shoshoni (Fall 0:25)

138: Wyatt McDermott, Thermopolis over Ezekiel King, Shoshoni (Injury)

145: Pehton Truempler, Shoshoni over Trent Lytle, Rocky Mountain (Fall 2:21)

152: Roedy Farrell, Thermopolis over Duke Gibble, Shoshoni (Fall 1:20)

160: Tryston Truempler, Shoshoni over Casen Hiser, Lovell (Fall 0:32)

170: Myzek McArthur, Lovell over Aiden Henson, Rocky Mountain (Fall 1:09)

182: Manning May, Lovell over Bryan Galvez, Greybull/Riverside (Dec 10-4)

195: Logan Cole, Thermopolis over Zane Collins, Lovell (Fall 1:58)

220: Tate Clutter, Greybull/Riverside over Rosendo Garcia, Lovell (Fall 2:17)

285: Remington Ferree, Thermopolis over Jonathan Hilder, Shoshoni (Fall 3:27)

2A Northeast in Moorcroft, WY, Feb. 20

Hulett, Moorcroft, Sundance, Tongue River, Wright

Wright: 181

Moorcroft: 149

Tongue River: 135

Hulett: 118

Sundance: 41

106: Wyitt Knight, Wright over Wyatt Cook, Moorcroft (Fall 5:56)

113: Sean Buckmiller, Moorcroft over Connor Morris, Tongue River (Fall 0:34)

120: Pace Garrett, Wright over Aidan Collingwood, Tongue River (Fall 3:35)

126: Kagen Baker, Wright over Trenton Sheehan, Moorcroft (Dec 7-6)

132: Deonte Taylor, Hulett over Tyzer Isenberger, Wright (Fall 1:55)

138: Kaden Tescher, Wright over Randy Peters, Moorcroft (Injury)

145: AJ Moline, Tongue River over Eddie Tokarczyk, Hulett (Fall 2:58)

152: Colten Smith, Wright over Wyatt Barnes, Tongue River (Dec 14-8)

160: Joseph Kennah, Hulett over Jacob Goodrich, Wright (Fall 3:54)

170: Kayden Mack, Wright over Hunter Garoutte, Moorcroft (Fall 4:34)

182: Dekken Mayer, Moorcroft over Charlee Thomson, (Dec 2-1)

195: Josh Pridgeion, Sundance over Issac Welch, Hulett, (Fall 1:56)

220: Christian Riley, Hulett over Roman Hrek, Sundance (Fall 4:51)

285: Sheldon Jolley, Hulett over Jacob Knobloch, Tongue River (Fall 0:35)

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