The first two weeks of the 2022 Wyoming American Legion Baseball season are complete.

Powell played the first games of the season on April 9. The two Cheyenne teams, plus Gillette, Laramie, and Rock Springs played last week.

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Here are the first standings for the 2022 season:

AA: (Overall Record Listed First, Then Conference Record)

Cheyenne Sixers 3-0

Gillette Roughriders 1-0

Laramie Rangers 1-3

Casper Oilers 0-0

Evanston Outlaws 0-0

Jackson Giants 0-0

Sheridan Troopers 0-0

Rock Springs Stallions 0-3

A Northeast:

Buffalo Bulls 0-0

Casper Drillers 0-0

Sheridan Jets 0-0

A Southeast:

Cheyenne Hawks 2-0

Douglas Cats 0-0

Torrington Tigers 0-0

Wheatland Lobos 0-0

A Northwest:

Powell Pioneers 2-0

Cody Cubs 0-0

Lovell Mustangs 0-0

A Southwest:

Green River Knights 0-0

Rawlins Generals 0-0

Riverton Raiders 0-0

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