Two new records were set at the 2012 edition of the Wyoming Track Classic on Monday in Casper.

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In one of the most anticipated races,  both Jerayah Davis of Kelly Walsh and Kereston Thomas of Rawlins would both break the meet record in the 100.

Davis would cross the line  first.

Her time of 11.87 would be fast enough to set the overall state record set back in 1998 by Central’s Arnetta Simpson.

Of course, to break the record, it must be done at the state meet.

Both girls broke the 200 meter meet record, but again, it was the KW sophomore Davis taking first.

Both records broken had been held by Thomas from last year.

In other results, Worland hurdler Jessie Eaves would win both the 100 and the 300’s.

Lander’s Tanner Simpson took first in the 110 hurdles and the long jump.  He finished third in the high jump.

Burlington’s Ben Mancuso cleared 6’7 in winning the high jump.

Kevin Allen won the discus, as expected, then also won the shot put. He won the discus by 30 feet over 2nd place.




He made that left turn at Albuquerque and guess where he wound up at? And it’s not wabbit hunting season either.

This is the 2012 Wyoming Track Classic in Casper…we’ll start with the boys long jump…Tanner Simpson of Lander and that bummed knee appears to be doing just fine. 22 feet even in the preliminaries and that was enough to be named the best of the best in this event.

Girls 32-hundred meter run…Abby Phillips of Gillette wearing the purple. She’s already lapped one runner and she’s got a 15 second cushion on the next closest competitor. She’ll win the race easily with a time of 12 minutes…2 point 2-4 seconds.

Boys Shot Put…this was a bit of a surprise. Kevin Allen of Upton was 4th coming in…but 56 feet 2 and 3-quarter inches later…he walked out number 1…and this guy can throw!

Boys 32-hundred meter run…Michael Rottellini of Sheridan is in the blue…and he’s trying to hold off Alejandro Garcia of Pine Bluffs…and he will by about half a second. He’ll cross the line with a time of 10 minutes…1 point 2-9 seconds.

Girls 1-hundred meter hurdles…this race ended up being a bit painful…Mikalah Skates of Kelly Walsh is in the lead…but on the 3rd to last hurdle…Houston we have a problem and down she goes. She was all right, just a bruised ego. Jessie Eaves of Worland gets the win…with a time of 14 point 8-9 seconds.

Boys one hundred and 10 meter hurdles…here’s Simpson again from Lander. A new personal best and a new school record with a time of 14 point 5-1 seconds. His 2nd win of the day and he’d finish 3rd in the high jump. He had a good day!

Girls 1-hundred meter dash…here’s the matchup we’ve been waiting for. Jerayah Davis of Kelly Walsh in the green…versus Kereston Thomas of Rawlins in the red. Both would break the meet record, but the sophomore from KW would get across the finish line first…11 point 8-2 seconds is the new record to beat.

Boys 1-hundred meter dash…this was the closest race of the day..point 1-1 seconds separated first from 5th…but the one in the front of your screen is Terry Jackson of Kelly Walsh…he just nipped Joe Whitmire of Cheyenne East by point-zero-3 seconds. The winning time was 10 point 9-4 seconds.

Boys High Jump…Ben Mancuso of Burlington…6 feet 7 inches…up and over for the win…he’s done a little better then that but he was going against the wind. He’s got his eyes on the state record in a couple of weeks.

Girls 16-hundred meter run…this is Anne Brinegar of Cody…she was the 3A runner-up at the state cross country meet. In this race, she’s in first place by about 8 seconds. Her time was 5 minutes, 30-point 4-3.

Boys 16-hundred meter run…Cody will sweep this particular event as Chase Constantine crosses the finish line with a time of 4 minutes 44 point 3-5 seconds. He had about 6 seconds to spare in this race.

Girls 4-hundred meter dash…it got a little interesting down the stretch but Thomas was able to get her one win of the day and hold off 2 other racers. She’ll do one lap in 58 point 6-6 seconds.

Boys 4-hundred meter dash…look to your left to the guy in blue. That’s Ty Etchemendy of Douglas. He’s about 1 full second short of the meet record, but 50-point 1-zero seconds is nothing to hang your head over at this point in the season.

Boys discus…here’s Allen again and he’d win this event easily. One hundred and 92 feet, 9 inches…not on this throw though, but he won the competition by about 30 feet, and he’ll be taking his skills to Utah State next year.

Girls 3-hundred hurdles…it’s Eaves again with another surprise. She was not the favorite in this race either, but someone forgot to tell her that. She gets another win at the W-T-C and it took her about 45 point 3-2 seconds to do it.

Boys 3-hundred hurdles…we need some representation from a 1A school. That would be Rex Stanley of Little Snake River. He’d set a new PR for himself and be the only runner to cross the finish line in less than 40 seconds. He’d clock in at 39-point 5-6.

Girls 8-hundred meter run…it’s Katie Rotellini of Sheridan on the right and Susie Robertson of Lovell on the left going neck and neck down the stretch. In the end, Rotellini had just a little bit more as she’ll get the job done with a time of 2 minutes, 26 point 2-7 seconds.

Boys 8-hundred meter run…this was the second closest race of the day as point zero-four seconds separated first from second. On the left is Josh Hartford of Green River…and on the right is Isaac Kiefer of Buffalo. They gave it their all, and it was Hartford by a hair at the end. 2 minutes zero point 4-1 seconds.

Girls 2-hundred meter dash…Davis vs. Thomas again. They’ve broken 1 meet record already and Davis will break another one…24 point 4-7 seconds…which is more than half a second faster than the old record set by Thomas last year. Those 2 have had a good friendly rivalry during the course of 2 seasons.

Finally, the boys 2-hundred meter dash…Cheyenne East would take first and second…the third person from the left is Dom Hill. He had the faster time at 22 point 1-7 seconds. The state meet is in 2 weeks.