Video highlights of the Friday, January 9th 2A Girls Basketball game, between #5 Burns at #4 Tongue River.

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Down 17 points in the second quarter, the Lady Broncs would eventually tie the score, and prevail in overtime on the road against the 2-time defending champ Lady Eagles.



40 plus years of coaching and 700 plus wins...obviously Coach Dianne Moser has done a lot of things right, although this game might have given her a few more grey hairs.

#5 Burns at #4 Tongue River...first quarter...Tongue River wearing the green...Allison Reed sees the screen and she has an open look at the hoop and gets the 2 points...the junior got her 11 point game off to a good start and her team is on the board first...but this highlight is not camera there was a back-court steal...LeeAnna Mitchell is going to get the finish on the right side hoop for 2 points of her own...and just like that, the score quickly has moved up to 4-to-zip.

The Lady Eagles needed a good start to this game...and so far so good. Eryn Aksamit with a turn-around kiss off of the glass for it's a 6-nothing score...the senior contributed 15 to add to the cause.

Burns was a little slow to get out of the chutes, but it was just a matter of time...McKenzie Ward with the drive and a nice finish to get rid of the they are out of the blocks, but trail 6-2, however it's early.

Meanwhile the 2-time defending state champs were trying to spread their wings inside the Eagles nest...Amanda Buller wanted to soar on the 3, but she would get a second chance and gets a 2-point jumper to go, the second time around...she will take it...and move the score up to 8-to-2.

The Lady Broncs were trying to find their stride...Bri Bocox has the money...and she's taking 3 to the bank! Money well spent! That would close the gap, with her squad down 8-to-5.

T-R was doing a good job of finding way to get close to the hoop. Kylee Knobloch was a little off balance, but gets the shot to drop. Hey whatever works. Now it's 10-to-7.

The opposition would get to within 1 at the free throw line, but then the home team would make it's move...Ashley Dodge will dodge 2 defenders and score a put her team out in front 17-to-9, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...Tongue River was getting all the plays to go their this one...Knobloch draws the defense to her, and that meant that Julie Tritschler is open and the team work would pay off. The lead is up to 10, with the scoreboard reading 19-to-9.

A run was in progress for the Lady Eagles...and it is still going...this time Knobloch is behind the double team and the defense reacted too late...the result is another 2 points...and we have ourselves a 21-to-9 contest.

TR was not they come again...Buller is leading the charge and this lay-in will add 2 more points to the score...everything was clicking for them, now up 23-to-9.

For awhile...they could do no wrong...the big thing was that they were finding the open player...Buller for 3...bulls-eye! That would cap off a 16-zip run...and the home team appeared to be in firm control, with a commanding 26-to-9 advantage.

Burns needed something soon...real soon...McKayla Ward will drive...put up a shot...gets the whistle and the bucket. Coach Barry Ward said the team's lack of energy, was the reason they were down 31-to-15 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the visitors came out recharged and it showed...McKenzie Ward top of the key...that's 3...and it was a start...but just wait...the score is now 32-to-18.

The defense stepped up its game too, and that would create opportunities...McKenzie Ward has the ball again off of the turnover...and she will bring it back for another 2...something is going on...32-to-20 is what the scoreboard is showing.

McKenzie was a one-girl army for awhile...her team-mates just had to get her the ball...good drive, good shot, good finish...2 more. She put in 28 on the game...half of them were scored in this quarter alone...the deficit has shrunk to's 32-to-22.

Tongue River was sometimes being their own worst enemy...bad handling on the pass...and what did the Lady Broncs do? They got to McKenzie better get points off of that. It's 32-to-24 and the Lady Broncs were starting to enjoy the ride.

The home team needed a momentum killer...and now was a good time! Reed sees an open look from about 15 feet and sinks it. Her team needed that one as it would push the score up to 34-to-24.

Now one score is not enough...they needed to keep it's a good play as Reed and Aksamit team up to get another basket, and it looks like the Lady Eagles have regained control, with a 37-to-30 lead.

It looked like they had the form saw a similar play like this earlier...Buller gets the screen...shoots and scores...that would make things a little better, as T-R would go ahead 40-to-30.

Burns though still had McKenzie Ward on the floor...and as referred to earlier...she was almost automatic in this, shot, bucket and the foul...she has brought her team back to within 7, they are trailing 42-to-35, going into the final 8 minutes...which better than what it was, 8 minutes ago.

4th quarter...the Lady Broncs were still working on the comeback...and McKenzie was still riding in the saddle...another drive...another shot...gets the roll and the 2...she was the main reason that her girls are right back in this game...down 42-to-37...but we got another highlight...back-court turnover...Jessica Malm is going to bring this back herself and the visitors are breathing down TR's neck, trailing 42-to-39.

The home team would stick to the plan...get inside and score up close...Knobloch did not have much trouble on this play...they are trying to hold off the opposition, with a 46-39 lead.

...but Burns would bring the defense again...Bocox with the steal...and she will fire ahead to Mardi O'Neal who will put in the's not over...46-to-41 is the score and there is still some time.

More defense...this time O'Neal is going to do everything's about time she got in on the scoring...the starters accounted for all but 6 points in this game...and the scoreboard reads 46-to-43.

Now we don't show free throws often...but this was big...Malm...cashes it in...a 17 point deficit has been erased! We have a brand new ball's 47-all.

Tongue River would go back up by 2, but the Lady Broncs were not worried. The question is do they go for the tie...or the lead? Bocox says give me the lead and buries a 3...for the first time in this game, they now have's 50-to-49...but there's more defense...once again another back court turnover...McKayla made the steal...and in a moment...she will get the finish. Burns is now in a position that they want to be in...with a 52-to-49 advantage.

...but the Lady Eagles would find the right times to score...and that time is when the clock is stopped. Mitchell hits 2 free throws with 9 seconds to go...we're all even at 52 and we can not end a game like that.

Got to give credit to Coach Barry Ward as well...he was in quite the dual with Coach Moser, and it's not over.

Now in overtime...every basket is big...McKenzie Ward is still out there...and she has some college plans on this shot...who's offering a scholarship? The visitors would go ahead by a score of 55-to-52.

TR would tie it we are right back where we matter...McKenzie again...from almost the same spot...she is on fire! The blazing lady Bronc has put her squad back on top...58-to-55.

Free throws by the opposition would keep it close...but you need the occasional baskets once in awhile...McKenzie will assist O'Neal to help the visitors get those baskets. It was a battle, but Burns would comeback, and buckoff Tongue River in the extra time period...60-to-58 to remain undefeated.