Video highlights of the 2016 Wyoming American Legion Baseball State Championship Game, between the Douglas Cats vs. the Cheyenne Hawks.

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The Hawks gradually wore down the Cats who were playing their 6th game in 4 days, to win the 2016 'A' State Championship.




Saturday night date night at a ball game. It's just as fun now as it was 50-60 years ago.The Douglas Cats vs. the Cheyenne Hawks in the A-League State Championship of the 1st...Douglas wearing the blue...Mason Barker's bark is just as strong as his bite. This 2-run blast will also bring in Brayden Hunsicker and make the score 2-to-nothing.

Bottom of the 1st...the Cats defense was ready for this one...Hunsicker to Barker to Ryan Lebert for the 6-4-3...this is their 6th game in 4 days, and so far, there were no signs of fatigue.

However...that play did not deter the Hawks...Max Pedroza sends a single up the middle that will plate him 2 R-B-I's...Nico Vite scores from 3rd and Mat Semler is going to hustle his way in from tie this ball game up a 2 a-piece.

Top of the 2nd...Alex Locke will dribble one just past 3rd base and tease the line for what would end up being a double to left comes Dallas Wik to score, to put his squad back out front, 3-to-2.

The boys in blue would take advantage of a miscue...Hunsicker puts the ball in play...he should have been out, but the throw was off of the mark...that opens the door for Zak Slone to make this a 4-to-2 ball game.

For a team that lost their first round game...and battled back to the championship...that's a pretty good accomplishment...Barker with the base-hit with 2 runners in scoring position...Locke and Hunsicker go home, and Douglas would hold a 6-to-2 advantage.

Bottom of the 2nd...Cheyenne would slowly chip away at the deficit...Jamis Lopez finds a spot in left field for a base hit of his own...Vite was already on the run from 2nd...that's why he was able to make it all the way in on the play, and now the scoreboard reads 6-to-3.

Bottom of the 3rd...they would get closer...Cody Brooks...nothing fancy...just a simple base hit...all he had to do was get Semler and Pedroza in...mission accomplished...Hawks still trail 6-to-5, but they are in a better spot than they were before.

The Cats would score 1 in the top of the 4th to make it in the bottom of the 4th...bases loaded for Pedroza...this single brings in Vite and Lopez to tie the score at 7...but this highlight is not over...Pedroza is in a run-down between first and second....Prince is now at third...he's making a break for the looks like it's going to be close but he'll make it in, because the catcher mis-played the throw. Cheyenne now takes the lead 8-to-7.

Still in the bottom of the 4th...Brooks will make another contribution so that Pedroza can complete his trip around the bases...the Hawks were enjoying a 2-run cushion, leading 9-to-7.

Bottom of the 5th...they wanted more...and Lopez will give them more...this ball is not coming's over the left field wall and out of here for a 2-run shot. Vite was the other run that scored...11-to-7 was the score at this point.

Top of the 6th...Douglas needed some's been awhile...Slone hits into the fielder's choice...he's out at first...Dillon Silzell will take a worked and he almost took out the umpire as well. That might have been not top 10 material had the situation been a bit's 11-to-8.

Bottom of the 6th...the score would never be that close again...Vite lifts a hit over the short-stops reach for a base hit...Brooks will touch the plate to up the lead to 12-to-8.

Top of the 7th...time for the defense to shine...Vite fields it...steps on second for one, then fires over to Brooks to complete the double-play. Cheyenne would score one in the bottom of the 7th on a passed ball, to move ahead 13-to-8.

Bottom of the 8th...the hits kept on coming...Vite was 5 for 5 in the's #5...Brooks will score an insurance run to make it 14-to-8.

The Hawks just knew where to hit the ball to...Lopez saw a spot and sent the ball to where it needed to be. That nets him 2 RBI's in the forms of Tyson Bradley and Vite...the score is doubled up at 16-to-8.

Top of the 9th...Douglas had already secured a bid for the A-League Northwest Regional Tournament...and as far as the state title goes...they gave it a good shot. Lebert is out on the fielders' choice but the play brought in Hunsicker...but the Cats are still down 16-to-9.

The end was near and Cheyenne had the tournament MVP on the mound...that was Pedroza and he would finish the job. The Hawks wrap up the A-League State Championship...winning 16-to-9.

They along with Douglas will head up to Laurel, Montana, to compete in the A-League Northwest Regional Tournament.