Video highlights of the 2015 1A Volleyball State Championship Game between Kaycee vs. Encampment.

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In a matchup of regional champs, the Tigers showed that they wanted it more than the Lady Bucs did, and take home their first state championship, since 1977.



Considering that there's ice inside the Casper Events Center...the Tiger mascot had to feeling pretty comfortable compared to his buddies.

Kaycee vs. Encampment for the 1A State Championship...1st set...Encampment wearing the black and on the far side...Paige Powell manages to get the ball between 2 defenders and the opposition misplays it...that would keep the score close, with her squad trailing 12-to-11.

...but Kaycee knew a thing or 2 about making a kill...Maranda Koch goes to the left of 2 defenders...hey why try to out muscle something, when you can just go around it? That would move the score up to 13-11.

The Lady Tigers have said they have had better unity on their team...having a family connection helps. This is McKenzie Powell, and she put just enough on that ball to get it over 2 defenders and that gets the point...they would hang around, trailing 15-to-14.

This was a match of the east regional champ vs. the west regional champ...and the east champs had more power...Koch brings the hammer down, as the Lady Bucs would go on to win the first set...25-21.

Onto the second set...Encampment is not used to trailing, but they kept it together under the circumstances...Hailey Barkhurst has a pretty mean swing...she will add on to the cause and tie the score at 6.

How about some defense? Barkhurst was doing it all for awhile...raising the roof and that will not cross the net. That play would keep the Lady Tigers ahead, by a score of 8-to-6.

Kaycee could do that as well...both sides were pretty well balanced in terms of height...Laree Foley would raise her hands because she was sure of getting that block. We have a pretty good game going on so far...her team is only down 9-to-8.

Skipping ahead...the Lady Bucs are down 7...Brytnee Streeter has an ace up her sleeve and this was a pretty good time to play it...but they need a few more because they are on the wrong end of a 23-to-17 score.

...but the opposition would maintain the advantage and get this set over with. McKenzie Powell does the honors...the ball is mis-played...and Encampment would win the second set, 25-to-18 to tie the match up at 1 set a piece.

Now in the 3rd set...the Lady Tigers are on the near side...Paige Powell is just a freshman...but she can play like an upperclassman...her team was not wasting any time, as they would jump ahead 23-to-13.

The Lady Bucs needed to get it in gear or else they were going to be left behind...Mary Bennett knew where to put the ball on this play and it would stay in bounds...they still have a lot of ground to make up, trailing 23-to-14.

Sorry there is not many highlights of this set...we had our hands full with the other matches going on...but we did get this highlight...Barkhurst will swing her fist on this kill to end that threat...and Encampment would get the win 25-16, to take a 2 sets to 1 lead in the match.

On to set #4...the Lady Tigers are on the's been a long time since they have made it this far...and McKenzie Powell and her team-mates wanted this one...they were in command ahead 17-12.

We've changed camera angles, because the end was near and we wanted a closer view of the action...McKenzie Powell was sensing the same thing, and she will take a play like that anyday.  Encampment would go ahead by a score of 21-to-16.

Kaycee was not going down without a fight...Bennett's kill is deflected but the ball ended up going where she wanted it to go complaints there, but her team is still losing 22-to-17.

The Lady Bucs needed a leader to step up...and Bennett was able to answer the call for awhile...access denied on this play and that will produce a point...a slow comeback was in the's 22-to-18.

...but the opposition knew better than that...this is a young team, but they would gel well together...Paige Powell would apply the finishing touches...and the drought is over.

It's been a long time coming...and for the first time since 1977, the Lady Tigers could celebrate as state champs.

They win it in 4 sets...21-25, 25-18, 25-16 and 25-20, as Encampment would finish the season with a record of 26-and-1.