Video Highlights of the Saturday, March 14th 4A Girls Basketball State Championship Game, between Cheyenne East vs. Gillette, played at the Casper Events Center.

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After Coach Mitch Holst picked up a technical foul in the 3rd quarter, the Lady Camels responded with a 13-0 run, to take the lead for good vs. the Lady Thunderbirds.



We're pulling double-duty at this cheer routines during time-outs and get yearbook photos when the game is going on.

Cheyenne East vs. Gillette in the 4A State Championship game...first quarter...East wearing the white...Cosette Stellern maybe just a sophomore, but she can hold her own, when she has 2 defenders in her face...this bucket would get her team on the board first, up 2-to-nothing.

This is the 4th time this season, that these 2 teams have played each other...and Justene Hirsig wanted to remind the opposition that the Lady Thunderbirds won the last time they played. I don't think either side has forgotten.

Gillette would go ahead, mostly on free throws, but they could do more then that...Kelsey Brown has got 3 to add on, and she will deliver...don't think her team-mates have forgotten the last matchup...they are now up 11-to-7.

The 2-time state runner-ups knew they were going to be in for a battle...Stellern was used to it...the sophomore scored 10 and was 1 rebound short of a double-double...her girls still trail 13-to-9.

..but the Lady Camels have been one of the better 3-point shooting teams in the state...and when they make their's hard to keep up...this was the only one that Madison Hinshaw was able to hit, but it came at a good was 16-to-11, with her squad up, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...both teams would keep it close...Hirsig almost put too much on this long ball...but she will get a friendly bounce and the 3...and keep East within striking distance...down 16-to-14.

We have not yet seen the main threat for Gillette...that would be Jessie Geer...she thought about backing off, but then she would kick it into high gear and get 2 of her 16 points on this play...that would help maintain a 23-to-18 advantage.

However the Lady Thunderbirds would not stay down for long...not as long as Stellern can get close to the hoop...she would help close the gap back down to 2...the scoreboard reads 23-to-21.

They were mixing it up and pushed the tempo sometimes...Katie Loken is ahead of everyone on the fast-break...she would get the bucket and the whistle...a pretty good half on both sides, but it was the opposition that would hold a 25-24 lead going into the locker room.

You can't write a script for this kind of action, and it's better than watching a movie anyday...leave that stuff at home!

Third quarter...this is where things got interesting...East would reclaim the advantage and would try to add on...Ashton Brohdahl is taking the lead on this drive...she almost had a double-double herself...12 points, 9 rebounds...her girls are now ahead 33-to-30...but the opposition was quick to answer back...and it was the start of something big...Lauren Hallcroft...turn around jumper...bucket...foul...the 3-point play would tie the score at 33-all.

Later...the Lady Camels were stepping up their game...Geer had 4 defenders near-by, but that did not stop the junior...this lay-up would break the tie and put her squad ahead 35-to-33.

If it looked like they were playing more inspired...that's because they were. Coach Holst got T'd up earlier and that provided motivation. Abby Moerkerke was motivated on this 3-ball...she and her team-mates were making their big move...ahead 38-to-33.

There was more to come...Brooke Cargall with a catch and shoot for 3 more to add on to the cause. This would cap off a 13-zip run...all in less than 3 minutes...and Gillette was in control, ahead by a score of 43-to-33.

The Lady T-Birds needed an answer...and soon...all they could do was keep on battling and eventually something would turn up...Stellern would grab the rebound...puts it back up...hoop...foul...they were hoping that was the start of their run...because they trail, 43-to-37.

...but the Lady Camels would steal the momentum back quickly...first...Haley Urbatsch drives through the lane and scores to move the advantage up to 45-37...but this highlight is not over...back-court turnover...Elyssa Howard is open behind the double team...2 more points...and the lead is back into double was 47-to-37, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...East needed some points in a hurry...and it was also a matter of who was going to provide them...Brohdahl will step right up and knock down 3...that helped some but they are still down 59-to-49 and time is not on their side.

You could get the sense of desperation on the part of the Lady Thunderbirds...Loken did what she could on this play...but that big run in the 3rd quarter was just too much to overcome, and they would have to settle for their 3rd straight runner-up finish.

It's starting to become a tradition in Gillette. 15 state championships in 25 years. Final score 66-to-51.

The Lady Camels would finish the season, with a record of 22-and-4.