Video highlights of the Saturday, August 8th, Legion Baseball AA NW Regional Elimination Game, between Cheyenne Post 6 vs. the Gillette Roughriders.

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Down 6-0 after 1 1/2 innings, the Wyoming AA State Runner-Up would rally twice, to tie the Wyoming AA State Champs, force extra innings, and pull off a suicide squeeze to advance in the 2015 AA Northwest Regional Tournament.



This is how it all starts for future baseball players...another field away from the action, where you can work on your walk-off hits.

Cheyenne Post 6 vs. the Gillette a Double-A Northwest Regional Tournament Elimination Game...Top of the first...Cheyenne batting...Isaac Taylor sending an early message with this double to the center field wall. Colton Onstott will score the first run of the game, thus the score is 1-to-nothing.

Bottom of the first...the defense was ready as well. Ryan Andren with the leaping snag at short. If you were at this game, you know that defensive highlights were few and far in between. That was one of them...and the game would play on.

Top of the's where Post 6 did most of their damage...Andren follows up his defensive highlight, with an offensive one. An opposite field single to right field...he would move to second on the throw...meanwhile, Dustin Parker is in, to make this a 2-zip ball game.

Moving on...the 2015 AA State Champs remembered what happened 2 weeks ago on this field, when the opposition won the regular season finale. Carter Mossey was trying to make sure history did not repeat itself, with this double to right field...Andren would complete his trip around the bases, and put his squad out in front 3-to-nothing.

Still in the top of the second...the opposite way was the way to go...this is Ross Melchior...and it took us a moment to find the ball...he ended up teasing the left field foul line. That was worth 2 bases and 2 R-B-I's, in the forms of Brock Anderson and Mossey. Things were looking pretty good for one team, with the scoreboard reading 5-zip.

Although this was Cheyenne's field...they were actually the visiting team on the scoreboard and had to bat first. That did not bother Taylor. Opposite way again...Melchior will head home, to make this a 6-zip contest.

Bottom of the second...Gillette would strike back...Kyle Stark is going to slip the ball through the defense and into the outfield for a base hit. That would plate 2, as Ian Durgin and Tyler Tennant come in, to cut the score down to 6-to-2.

They would stay after it, one run at a time...Josh Hughes will hit into the fielders choice...he would be out at first, however Stark would go home on the play to add the Roughriders are down 6-to-3.

You know what I said earlier about history? Well, it was starting to repeat itself...Drayson Hladky smacks a ball to left field...Dillon Buckmeier has already scored and here comes Austyn make it a 1-run's 6-to-5.

Bottom of the 3rd...there was more work to do...Andrew Molder will deliver with the single for the cause...Durgin is going to be waived around and he will make it in standing, to tie this game up at 6 runs a piece...and then a bases loaded walk, would enable the Roughriders to take a 7-to-6 lead.

Post 6 needed to stop the bleeding...quickly...this will do. Melchior robs Buckmeier of a base hit, and then gets the ball over to Parker to double up the runner at first. We're about one-third of the way through this game, and it's been pretty good so far.

Top of the 4th...the see-saw would start to lean in the other direction for a bit. Taylor had a good game...he was 3 for 4, with 3 RBI's. This single would clear the path for Onstott, and that would tie things up again at 6-all.

Top of the 5th...this had the potential to be a double play, but the opposition would only get the out at second...Mossey would reach on the fielders choice. Andren will touch the plate to put Cheyenne ahead 8-to-7.

Bottom of the 6th...the Gillette runner at second is making a break for third, but he is a dead duck. Andren with the unassisted double play. I know teams have to gamble sometimes, and that one did not work, but the game was not over.

Top of the 7th...not pictured was a double by Parker to give Post 6 a 9-to-7 advantage...he's going to try to score on this play, but Stark will get the ball to Hladky in time for the tag out. We checked the slow motion replay...they got him the first time. That would save a run and it would pay off later on.

Bottom of the 7th...Molder will show you why that last highlight was huge...he's going deep to center field...Inniss thought he had a read on the ball, but he slightly misjudged it. That will drop for what ended up being a triple. Durgin scores...and Tennant will work his way around from first...we got a game here people! It's a 9-9 score and the drama was starting to build.

Top of the 8th...bases juiced...something had to give...the defense would rise to the occasion...Durgin to Hughes to Tennant for the 4-6-3 double play. These 2 teams know each other very well. They've played each other 7 times this season, prior to this game, and the Roughriders had only won mentioned earlier...2 weeks ago.

Bottom of the 9th...Cheyenne would turn to the Wyoming AA Player of the Year...Lincoln Trujillo gets a big strike out, but he's not out of the woods just yet. The opposition would put together a very dangerous threat.

Later...2 outs...runners on 2nd and 3rd...Buckmeier pops one up...this needs to be caught, or else the game is over. Andren back-peddles and he makes the catch. That was tense..and we still have a 9-9 score, so we need some extra innings.

Post 6 would go 3 up 3 down in their at in the bottom of the 10th...Hughes will lift one just over the first baseman's reach...he would turn on the jets and turn this play into a double. The leadoff man is on base and he's already halfway home.

Next batter...Hladky would follow the plan and give himself up. It would work, and Hughes would get to third, and there's 1 out...Cheyenne would intentionally walk the next 2 batters to load the hopes of getting a double play.

That would bring C.J. Rhodes to the plate..his only at bat in the game...suicide squeeze...Hughes scores...ball game! Both Wyoming teams played like their season's were on the line...and they were...but in the end...the Gillette Roughriders would avenge last week's state championship loss, live to play at least one more game...and end Cheyenne's season. Final score in 10 innings...10-to-9.