Video highlights of the Sunday, August 9th, Legion Baseball AA NW Regional Elimination Game, between Bellevue, Washington vs. the Gillette Roughriders, played at Cheyenne.

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The Wyoming AA State Runner-Ups would get their second walk-off win in as many days, and qualify for the 2015 AA Northwest Regional Championship Game.



Before you know it...summer will be over and in Wyoming, that means winter is not far away. Better make some outdoor memories while you still have the chance.

Bellevue, Washington Lakeside Recovery vs. the Gillette Roughriders in a AA Northwest Regional Tournament Elimination Game at of the first...Bellevue batting...Thomas Swinscoe will live up to the term designated hitter. This single will plate 2, as Mitchell Morimoto and Anthony Block come in, to make the score 2-to-nothing.

Bottom of the's 4-zip after an error and a sacrifice fly...Drayson Hladky will send one up the middle to get the scoring started for Gillette. Austyn Hester will come home to get his team on the board, and now they trail 4-to-1.

The bases were loaded on that last play...and they would stay that way for Jarran Arbach. He will bloop a single of his own to left field...which will clear the way for Dillon Buckmeier. The Wyoming Double-A State Runner-ups would score one more off of a wild pitch, and they are right back in this game, down 4-to-3.

Top of the 5th...the Washington State Champs were trying to give themselves some breathing room...Todd Reese found some of that room, near the right field wall. This double would add on a run, as Luke Watanabe touches the plate, to move the score up to 5-to-3.

Bottom of the 5th...the Roughriders would make a big move in their at-bat...Ian Durgin will tease the left field line, and that's a fair ball. Josh Hughes knew what he was supposed to do, as his boys would get that run back, and trail 5-to-4.

A bit of a pattern was developing...Tyler Tennant would try the same thing...and it worked, with better results. This play would get him 2 bases and 2 R-B-I's, as Arbach and Durgin will hustle in...and the lead has changed hands...Gillette is now up 6-to-5.

Then there was a change in strategy...Andrew Molder decided to go the opposite way and that way was just as good. It would produce another run, as Tennant would complete his trip around the bases, and make this a 7-to-5 contest.

They would press their luck, but at times...they did not need to. Molder was making a break for it...but Daniel Sinatro and Vincent Guinasso would cut him down at the plate. The season was on the line for both teams, and they were both playing like it.

Something else was up for grabs...a birth in the regional championship game. Kyler Stark wanted to get his team into that game, however Guinasso and Reese had the same desire and Stark is gunned down at third. You got to a chance sometimes, but the last 2 have not paid off for Gillette.

Top of the 6th...Lakeside Recovery would recover...William Langan Junior is going to find a lot of room in left center field...this ball will go to the wall and result in a double, when the play was all said and done. Guinasso is going to turn on the jets and he will make it in standing. That was big, because now we have a 7-to-6 contest.

Later...Watanabe will bounce a hit to the right spot up the middle...there ended up being no throw to first, because by then it was already too late. Langan has made it in, to knot the score at 7 runs a piece.

Top of the 7th...Bellevue was looking for more, but Kolter Langdon was not going to give it to them. He was able to keep the opposition in check for the final 3 and 2/3rds innings, but it was not an easy task.

Bottom of the 8th...relief pitching was getting the job done on both sides. Austin Woodey will claim a victim...and this game was getting to that point where the next run scored would probably be the winning run.

Bottom of the 9th...Hladky is at second for the Roughriders...this hit by Tennant was enough to get him to third, and when the left fielder mis-played the ball, that was his cue to go home and he did. Gillette would get their second walk-off win in as many days...and this one would put them in the regional championship game. Final score...8-to-7.