Highlights of the Saturday, March 3rd Class 1A girls basketball state championship game between Little Snake River and Cokeville.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

The Lady Rattlers would cap off an undefeated season, and win their first state title, since 2002.



As soon as this game is over…these guys have 1 thing in mind…spring break dude! It is that time of year.

Little Snake River vs. Cokeville for the 1A State Championship…1st quarter…Cokeville wearing the black and already down 5-nothing…Tessa Teichert will take care of that problem temporarily with the drive and bucket…and now the Lady Panthers only trail 5-to-2.

But Little Snake River was on fire for most of the quarter…Lydia Skalberg with one of those…what the heck type shots…it’s early…not a big deal if she misses…Lady Rattlers are up 7-to-2.

Now watch closely on this next highlight…props to Morgan Wille for causing a back-court turn-over…but was she out of bounds when she made the save? I think the ref missed that one, but the play went on..Skalberg’s going to drive and get the 2 for L-S-R who now lead 9-to-2.

Later…the Lady Rattlers had motivation for this game…an undefeated season was on the line and Wille was busting her tail to make sure it would happen…there’s a 3-ball in the corner pocket…13 points for the senior and her team is up 13-to-7.

Actually…the ladies from Baggs had something else in mind…and that was payback from last year’s semi-finals…Caelee Criswell…and that was almost from W-N-B-A range…I think someone’s been practicing…Lady Rattlers now lead 17-to-7.

There was more to come…Taylor Kaisler is going to start getting in on the act..this is part of an 11-zip run  and she led all scorers with 18 points. Her team was not messing around with 22-to-7 advantage.

Cokeville had to get something going soon, or else they were going to be in for a long game…Ana Cook is going to put 3 points into the oven…that got her team into double-digits scoring wise…but the Lady Panthers were trailing 22-to-10 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…Little Snake River was not about ready to let up…it took a few tries up close, but Shelby McKee will finally get the ball to drop in and her team was establishing their dominace with a 24-to-10 advantage.

And they were not done..here’s more from Kaisler…she had quite a game…actually she had a double-double…12 rebounds on top of those 18 points…and the scoreboard now reads 26-to-10.

From there…the pace of the game slowed down a lot..and highlights were few and far in between..nice fake by Tessa Teichert..she led her team with 17 points…that was 2 and 1 more is on the way…Cokeville though is still being doubled-up, 26-13.

L-S-R did not mind the direction the game was going in…they looked comfortable..and so did McKee on that long jumper…the Lady Rattlers would go into the locker room…up 32-to-19.

3rd quarter…again…not a whole lot going on…Criswell is going to strike from the wing for 2 more points to add to the cause…and this game was starting to get out of hand..it’s 39-to-20.

When that happens…some plays just become easy to pull off…like this one…Skalberg is wide open behind the defense and she’ll get another bucket up close to make it 41-to-20 in favor of her team.

The Lady Rattlers were in position to squeeze that championship trophy out of the opposition…they find Kaisler leading the fast break…and she finds her team, 2 more points…they are now up by 23…it’s 45-to-22.

As for the defending state champs…unfourtunetly a repeat this time a-round was not in the cards…but they had some moments…Teichert took matters into her own hands on that highlight…but the Lady Panthers were on the wrong end of a 47-to-26 score, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…Cokeville kept trying to claw their way back into it…despite the odds…Cook is going to whip up a 3 from the corner to try to make the score a little better, but it’s now 47-to-29.

Actually they were starting to get a few things to go their way finally…and we’ll give them a little bit of love…here’s Teichert again with the drive and the finish…she did her part and then some…but her team still trails, 47-to-31.

Let’s see if we can get someone new in here…how about Ka-taya Kall-strom…she’ll make a contribution with a turn around jumper…the score was getting a little bit closer at 49-to-33.

We’ll show a little bit more…just give the ball to Teichert…she knows what to do…this time it’s for 3 and that was much needed…Cokeville is now down 49-to-36, which is the closest they’ve been in a long time.

But they were not going to get any closer…L-S-R decided to throw in some insurance points, just in case. Wille’s got the perfect policy to get her team another 2 points which was more than enough.

Just like the boys…the Little Snake River Lady Rattlers would also put together, a perfect 28-and-oh season…winning the 1A state championship game…53-to-38. It’s their first girls basketball state title…since 2002.