Half of the teams that will play in the upcoming state tournament have already qualified, and now it's time to determine the other half and seed them.

4A East at Sheridan:

Cheyenne Central gets #2 seed over Gillette due to giving up fewer goals vs. conference opponents, 4-8.

#1 Laramie and #2 Cheyenne Central get a first round bye, and have automatically qualified for the state tournament.

Checking head-to-head record vs. highest team in the conference not involved in the tie, Sheridan gets #4 seed over Cheyenne East because the Lady Broncs went 0-1-1 vs. Laramie, whereas East went 0-2.

Thursday, May 19:

#3 Gillette 8 #6 Cheyenne South 0 - Cheyenne South Eliminated. Gillette qualifies for the state tournament.

#5 Cheyenne East 2 #4 Sheridan 1 - Sheridan Eliminated. East qualifies for the state tournament.

Friday, May 20:

Gillette 3 #2 Cheyenne Central 0

#1 Laramie 6 Cheyenne East 0

Saturday, May 21:

Cheyenne Central 3 Cheyenne East 1 - 3rd Place

Gillette 2 Laramie 1 - 1st Place


4A West at Natrona:

#1 Natrona and #2 Kelly Walsh get a first round bye and have automatically qualified for the state tournament.

Thursday, May 19:

#3 Rock Springs 3 #6 Riverton 0 - Riverton Eliminated. Rock Springs qualifies for the state tournament.

#5 Evanston 1 #4 Green River 0 - Green River Eliminated. Evanston qualifies for the state tournament for the first time in their 17 year history.

Scroll to the bottom to see video of Evanston's celebration.

Friday, May 20:

Rock Springs 3 #2 Kelly Walsh 0

#1 Natrona 3 Evanston 0

Saturday, May 21:

Kelly Walsh 4 Evanston 0 - 3rd Place

Rock Springs 3 Natrona 1 - 1st Place


3A State Qualifying Games at Worland: (Winners qualify for the state tournament, while the losers are done for the season)

Worland wins tie-breaker over Cody for #1 NW seed due to better record vs. common opponents.

The first place teams in each quadrant (Buffalo, Torrington, Worland and Jackson) have already qualified for the state tournament, and don't play this weekend.

In the common opponents tie-breaker, both tied teams must either visit the common opponent, or both host the common opponent. Lander and Rawlins both played Cody, and Buffalo, but Cody did not visit Rawlins and Buffalo visited Rawlins, but Cody visited Buffalo. Both Lander and Rawlins visited Newcastle and both lost. The next tie-breaker is which team gave up the fewest total goal vs. Southeast opponents. Lander wins 11-13 and gets the #2 SE seed.

Friday, May 20:

(#3 SW) Pinedale 1 (#2 SE) Lander 0  - Lander Eliminated. Pinedale plays Buffalo in the first round of the state tournament.

(#2 NE) Newcastle 3 (#3 NW) Powell 0 - Powell Eliminated. Newcastle plays Torrington in the first round of the state tournament.

Saturday, May 21:

(#2 NW) Cody 5 (#3 NE) Douglas 0 - Douglas Eliminated. Cody plays Jackson in the first round of the state tournament.

(#2 SW) Star Valley 9 (#3 SE) Rawlins 0 - Rawlins Eliminated. Star Valley plays Worland in the first round of the state tournament.

Evanston Girls Soccer Celebrates Securing Their First Trip Ever To The State Tournament In Their 17 Year History: