Highlights of the Volleyball Class 2A State Championship Match, between Lovell and Big Horn.

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The Lady Bulldogs did not lose 1 game on the weekend, en route to the state championship.



Volleyball has been growing in popularity lately. If you can get guys like our own John Gabrielsen to call the play by play of a game…that’s saying something.

Lovell vs. Big Horn in the 2A state championship match…first game…Big Horn on the far side of the net…it did not matter if Jadyn Mirich’s kill was in or out, because the opposition touched the ball last. That’s how it goes sometimes, and the Lady Rams lead 8-to-7.

The y were leading an early charge…nice set up for Hannah Puckett and her kill will get knocked out of bounds…as long as her team gets a point, it does not matter how…her team is up 11-to-7.

But Lovell would come back…here’s Emilee Reasch jumping up and swinging her fist and the ball is in…it’s a point for the Lady Bulldogs and they’re only down 14-to-13.

Big Horn had a few tricks up their sleeve…like this one from Shelby Mann. Who says you have to hit the ball 3 times before you knock it over the net? The score is 16-14.

Then the Lady Bulldogs started to find a weakness in the opposition’s back-court, and that’s what Chelsey Ellis had in mind on this point. It got the job done and her team is only down 1…it’s 16-15.

The Lady Rams went back to their bag of tricks…if you can’t go through the defense up front…go around them. Mann proves my point and gets the ball to drop…this game is tied at 17.

But Lovell would eventually pull ahead…Reasch with the kill, but that ball is dug up…so the sophomore would kill it again and it worked the second time. The Lady Bulldogs win the first match…25-to-17.

Onto game 2…Big Horn on the left…Puckett puts enough on this swing that the ball bounces off of the defender on to the floor for a point…we’re tied early on at 5.

But the Lady Bulldogs would start to growl on this play…here’s Ellis laying the smack down hard on this ball…too much on the return on the opposition, so Eliis and her team-mates get the point and they lead 6-to-5.

This game was turning into quite the slugfest early on…you could hear the swat on Mirich’s kill from all the way upstairs by where we were. That’s a good point…her team trails 8-to-7.

Ok, sometimes the hard kill was not always needed…Mirich with a softer approach this time and the new strategy worked…the Lady Rams would take a 9-to-8 advantage at this point.

Later in the game…let’s get someone new in here…this is Taylor Vonkrosigk…she’ll apply a simple shove for her highlight and that got her team a much needed point because they’re down 21-to-17.

Lovell would then bring in the defense…Reasch along with Mercedes Haney form a 2 person wall and reject the ball…that’s team-work…their team is in decent shape up 23-to-17.

The opposition could do that as well, although VonKrosigk was a 1-woman defender…that’s not getting by her…the Lady Rams still trail 23-19.

The Lady Bulldogs would play it dangerously at times…Haney was right on the line with that one, but the block goes out of bounds for a point…and her team would win 25-to-19, to take a 2-games to none lead in the match.

Game 3…Big Horn on the near side…Gracie Goldhammer…one of only 2 seniors on this team serving up an ace into Lovell’s face…her team would take a 4-to-3 advantage.

As for Lovell…they came in as a 3 seed in the west…and they got hot at the right time…Ellis is one of 6 seniors on this team. They are last year’s runner-ups and this time they were hoping to finish job, but they’re down 7-to-5.

And the opposition just had a hard time stopping Ellis…when she knocks the ball down…she knocks it down with authority...no worries, even though her team trails 8-to-7.

Moving on…more defense this time. Maddison Baxendale has her hands up because she’s sure…that she’ll get the block and the point and the lead. The scoreboard now reads 16-13 for the Lady Bulldogs.

You know what they say…defense wins championships…here’s another stuff…this one is courtesy of Ellis and Lovell had the momentum and they could sense the end, up 18-to-14.

We’ve changed camera angles and we’re now on the other side of the court…they set it up for Reasch and she’s gonna knock it down in one swing…that had to feel good, and even better now that the score is 22-to-18.

Of course you don’t always have to be tall to play this game…let’s get Lauren Hinckley into these highlights…she knew where to hit the ball to and she’ll deliver…her team is now one point away from victory…up 24-to-19.

Match point and the Lady Bulldogs did not waste much time on this play…Reasch is going to bring the hammer down for the final time and that took care of that.

Lovell sweeps their way to the 2A championship…winning 25-17, 25-19, and 25-21.

It’s only their 2nd state championship in school history. The last one happened back in 1997.