Highlights of the Friday, October 26th football first round playoff game between Rocky Mountain at Lusk.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

The Tigers would score on their first offensive play, and never looked back in their first round playoff game vs. the Grizzlies.



On a night like this night…the hardest working person was not on the field…oh no. It was hot chocolate lady in the concession stand! Props to her!

Rocky Mountain at Lusk in the first round of the 1A playoffs…first quarter…Lusk wearing the red…this is their first offensive play…it helps when you start a drive in enemy territory…Bryce Sturman is going deep and he’s got Hunter Dockery open behind 2 receivers…this would turn into a 47 yard touchdown and the Tigers are on the board, leading 6-to-nothing.

On the next possession…the Rocky Mountain defense comes through…Cannon Simmons comes around the line untouched and sacks Dockery. Unfortunately, that was the only highlight the Grizzlies had, because everything went downhill from there.

The home team would continue the drive and finish…here’s Matthew VandeBossche…leaping over a tackler and he’s into the end zone on a 5 yard run…2 point conversion good, and now the score is 14-to-zip.

How bad did it get for the visitors…well I’ll let the video speak for itself. Low snap on the punt try...all the way back to the 5 yard line…Lusk will gladly take over from there, and you know another score is inevitable.

2 plays later…this is Derrick Vandebossche plowing his way in for a 1 yard touchdown…that would make it a 22-to-nothing contest after the first 12 minutes.

2nd quarter…here we go again…here comes Dockery on the counter…he’ll get a good block and he’s off to the races for 35 yards for his second score of the game…and things were quickly getting out of hand with scoreboard reading 30-to-zip.

Later…it was time for some defense…the Tigers have the #1 unit in the state Class 1A…Kirby WInland’s pass in way overthrown…and right into the hands of Travis Smith. He’ll get a good return and almost take it back all the way, but his team would have to back up a little more because of a block in the back penalty during the return. That did not matter…his team has the ball again.

Lusk would march…and Matthew VandeBossche is going to finish the job on a 3 yard run and bowl over a defender in the process. This game looked promising for one team and not for the other…it was 38-to-zero going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…the home team was just spreading the love around. Grady Penfield gets the call this time for a 3 yard score…that would put the mercy rule into effect…it’s now 46-to-nothing at this point.

The starters were done on offense, but not on defense. Winland is under pressure…tries to dump the ball, but he dumps it right into the hands of Jordan Jackson and the freshman is going to rumble 45 yards for a pick 6. Not much happened in the 4th quarter. We knew that Lusk was going to win, we just didn’t think it would be by as much as it was…the Tigers are in the semi-finals…winning 52-to-zip.