Video highlights of the Friday, December 19th, inter-class girls basketball game, between 4A Riverton vs. #4 2A Lyman, played in Rock Springs.

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Being moved down to 2A didn't bother the Lady Eagles in the slightest, as they would pick up their 2nd straight win vs. a 4A opponent, at the expense of the Lady Wolverines.



Someone has some big dreams to be on the court some day with the big girls. Hang in there little one. Your time will come!

4A Riverton vs. #4 2A Lyman...this game played in Rock Springs...first quarter...Lyman wearing the blue...Peyton Limoges will drive through the defense and get the first score of the game, to give her squad an early 2-nothing advantage.

The Lady Eagles had the team-work and it was producing points...Madeline Kunzler distracts the defense and Ann Wingeleth was waiting right behind them...that was an easy play for them, and now it's a 4-zip score.

Riverton had to tough it out at times to get some shots to drop...Kiley Ridgway gets the offensive board and the put-back to finally get rid of the zero...and her team trails 6-to-2.

Lyman though seemed to execute their game plans a bit better...Trigger Jaggi is wide open from 18 feet and it goes down as a long 2, but she'll take it...and move the score up to 8-to-2.

The Lady Wolverines did have the height advantage in this game...and they would use it to get second chances...Ridgway with another offensive rebound...hoop and the foul...the 3-point play would keep the score close...they are down 9-to-6.

Then the defense would make it play...Carney Fegler is going to pick off the pass and go the other way with the finish on the far side...and Riverton was within striking distance, trailing 9-to-8, after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter...They would press on a bit longer with their height...Fegler with the quick assist to Ridgway and this bucket would give Riverton a small they would go ahead, 12-to-11.

Meanwhile, the Lady Eagles decided it was time to live up to their name and fly...Jaggi is going to soar and drop in this 3 right on the advantage would change's now 17-to-13.

They were mixing up their attack plan to keep the defense off balance...Limoges stops, pops and hits from 18 feet herself and it worked...Lyman was building some momentum, now ahead 19-to-14.

But the Lady Wolverine defense would try a full court press and it worked initially...back court steal...and Savannah Salisbury would get a very easy 2 points off of the turnover...that would keep things close...they were down 19-to-16, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the Lady Eagles were trying to use their speed...Wingeleth is heading to the Univ. of Utah to run track, but on a basketball court, she would know when to hit the brakes...and go over a hurdle...that would push the advantage up to 23-16.

...Riverton would try to match their speed with ball movement...Jensyn Pettit got ahead of everyone and beats the defense to the basket...that was an easy 2 points, but her team still trails, 23-to-18.

Lyman though was a bit quicker...and speed can also be used on defense...Wingeleth gets the steal...she has one defender guarding her, but no one was guarding Limoges...too easy...25-18 is the score now.

They were on the move again and not much was stopping them...2-on-1...Limoges with the lay-in and she'll get one more try for her efforts...the lead is in double's a 30-to-18 game.

Now it's time to fly like an Eagle...Jaggi is on the perch...lets one fly...and connects for 3...that would put her squad in a pretty good spot...up 33-to-19, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...The Lady Wolverines were on the wrong end of a 14-to-2 run...and needed to make up some ground...Fegler is going to take a page out of the opponents playbook, but her feet were on the line, so that's a long 2 point basket...and they need a lot more than that...down 37-to-22.

...however Lyman was not about to squander a big was time to put this game to bed, and Brianna Turner will apply the good night kiss at the near hoop. They would win their second straight game vs. a 4A opponent...the score in this one...46-to-34.