Time is running out on the spring sports schedule in Wyoming, and this includes high school track and field in 2020.

With the recent announcement that all spring sports are on suspension through the end of April, it would leave only three weeks left for a competition season. That even seems unlikely to happen at this time.

Wyoming High School Activities Association Commissioner Ron Laird told WyoPreps that they should have a decision on the rest of the season and the spring championships sometime this week.

In part one of WyoPreps’ track perspective, we discussed what schools are doing for training, communicating, and the hope of salvaging some sort of season.

WyoPreps also asked the coaches the difficult question of if the season gets canceled?

Mountain View track coach Joel Giorgis admitted he’s trying not to think about it but is also realistic.

“I think it’s a big possibility that we don’t get it done this year (the outdoor track season). I think it’s disappointing. I’m disappointed for senior kids, not just our senior kids. Senior kids around the state or any other kid that might qualify for a state tournament or was looking forward to having a great year, it’s unfortunate. We’re all in the same boat.”

Kelly Walsh head coach Eric Robb said if it was canceled, it would be disappointing.

“You feel heartbroken for those kids. They put a lot of time and effort and energy into that and to not have a chance to compete, especially for the seniors or kids coming off an injury, this is the one thing that they do and they prepare for. You just feel bad for the kid.”

Natrona girls head coach Brent Jurgensen added it would be tough to see.

“The thing that we as coaches and teachers do best is building relationships, and we miss our kids. They’re our kids and I think they miss us, too. If it does get canceled, I would propose having a meet in July. I want those kids to run one more time on their home track, in front of their family and friends, and give them a shot, at least, to put on the uniform one more time. That’s what I want to do.”

Jurgensen added he would like to accomplish the goal of one meet but given the constraints, he knows it might not happen.

Sheridan head coach Taylor Kelting pointed out that the final decision is out of our hands, as coaches.

“There’s not much we can do. We always talk about in our program, you can control what you can control, and that’s your attitude and how much work you put it. We’re going to go day-by-day, and whatever they (the WHSAA) decide, that’s going to be the best decision for our state and our kids. We’ll just base it off that, and if we do get to have a season, that’d be phenomenal, and if we can’t, we understand why we’re not going to be able to do that.”

To not have a season or a championship is a difficult decision, but given the current circumstances across the country and unknown variables for large gatherings, like state track is, it’s seeming more and more unlikely spring sports will happen in 2020.

WyoPreps wishes to thank the coaches we talked with for giving their time and perspective.

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