Video highlights of the 2A Volleyball State Championship match, between Big Horn vs. Wright.

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The Lady Panthers swept every opponent in the tournament for their 2nd title in 4 years, and extracted some payback vs. Lady Rams who beat them in the regional championship game, one week prior.



They say a leopard can't change its a Panther on the other hand...well, they can do whatever they want.

Big Horn vs. Wright for the 2A State Championship...First set...Wright wearing the black and on the far side...Cheyenne Fauber serves up the ace to get these highlights started...and that would help double up the score early at 8-to-4.

The Lady Panthers were pouncing early on...Jessica Benedict knocks the ball over and the defense was late on that one...this game was a complete 180 compared to the regional championship game 1 week prior to it's 9-to-4.

...and they were persistent...Katie Strohschien's kill is dug up, so she just decides to send the ball in another direction...and Plan B worked! Her team is trucking along, up 10-4 good buddy.

Big Horn would battle back...Emil Blaney is the libero...and she was just trying to get the ball over the net...but she would get an assist and the drop...she will take what she could get...but they need a lot more help, trailing 24-to-15.

Things were mostly going in the Wright direction...Bendict had a couple of defenders in her face...but she would power through them and gets the ball drop on the other side...that was it for the first set...25-16 was the score and both teams were ready to move on.

Now in the second set...Big Horn on the left...Saije Pollard gets the block, and they were claiming that someone on the other team touched the ball, before it went out of bounds...they would get the call and the point, and lead 12-to-7.

Meanwhile, the Lady Panthers just knew where the ball needed to go...Strohschein found the open spot behind the 2 defenders in front of the net, and would get it to where it needed to go...that would close the gap...trailing 21-to-20.

Then it was time for them to sharpen their claws...Strohschein's kill is not coming back, in fact that ball is heading over the cargo net...however, her team is still down 22-21.

They were on a roll...the Lady Rams set this one up...and Strohschein will knock it back's pretty easy when the job is done for you...Wright would go ahead, 23-22.

These highlights were starting to turn into a show called Strohschein and friends...she was doing a lot of the work...on this play she will find the far corner and her aim was dead the Lady Panthers would move past the competition, 25-22, and take a 2-sets-to-none lead.

Third set...Big Horn on the far side...we need to give them some love, even though things have not gone their way...Morgan Nance will get a point for the cause...but they trail big in this one...14-to-7.

Wright was not messing around...they wanted to get this match over with...guess who did it again? Yep...Strohschein...that was in along the far line...her team is up comfortably...15-to-8.

Here comes the defense...Kylee Tresch is making blocks like the big girls...and she still has a few more inches to grow...the Lady Panthers are back out in front, 21-to-17.

No matter what the Lady Rams tried...Wright was flat out ready for this's Chantal Lawrence getting in on the act and she will put one down with authority. The end was in sight, with the scoreboard reading, 24-20.

This was the third year in a row, that Big Horn has made it to the championship game...but they would take home the runner-up trophy again...Lawrence will finish the job with the cross court kill, and that is all Wright with her team-mates.

Wright not only sweeps their way through the championship match...they swept their way through the entire state tournament.

Final scores...25-16, 25-22, 25-20.

The Lady Panthers win their 2nd title in 4 years, and finish the season with a record of 28-and-5.