1A football coaches have voted on which players they believe are the best on their side of Wyoming.


Garrett Cooper - Lingle-Ft. Laramie

Dallen Fleenor - Lingle-Ft. Laramie

K.C. Henry - Lingle-Ft. Laramie

Cody Powell  - Lingle-Ft. Laramie

Colten Wunder - Lingle-Ft. Laramie

Tate Allison - Moorcroft

Logan Lamar - Lusk

Monte Wade - Lusk

Haize Fornstrom - Pine Bluffs

Kyle Jeffres - Pine Bluffs

Ruger Lewis - Pine Bluffs

David Becker - Southeast

Jeff Burroughs - Southeast

Jasper Heggem - Southeast

Chance Werner - Southeast

Cody Buller - Tongue River

Jamie Dickerson - Tongue River

Jaxn Kobza - Tongue River

Brennan Kutterer - Tongue River

Dillon Lyons - Tongue River

Mason Shroder - Tongue River

Dawson Butts - Upton-Sundance

Thomas Davis - Upton-Sundance

Donnovan Gray - Upton-Sundance

Wyatt Helkenn - Upton-Sundance

Cole Ingrahm - Upton-Sundance

Rourke McPeters - Upton-Sundance

John Sullivan - Upton-Sundance

Hunter Woodard - Upton-Sundance

1A East Offensive Player of the Year: Colten Wunder - Lingle-Ft. Laramie

1A East Defensive Player of the Year: Brennan Kutterer - Tongue River

1A East Coach of the Year: Andy Garland - Upton-Sundance


Nate Clark - Cokeville

Ryan Jackman - Cokeville

Trenton King - Cokeville

Jackson Linford - Cokeville

Rick Nate - Cokeville

Cordell Viehweig - Cokeville

Brandonn Hansen - Riverside

Cole Hill - Riverside

Jack Kimsey- Riverside

Dylan Owen - Riverside

Ethan Sherburne - Riverside

Brian Crawford - Rocky Mountain

Tristan Jewell - Rocky Mountain

Cordell McFarlane - Rocky Mountain

Gehrig Sweat - Rocky Mountain

Garrett Vesain - Rocky Mountain

Rodrigo Escobedo - Saratoga

Thatcher Spiering - Saratoga

Pat Cornell - Shoshoni

Anthony Cousineau - Shoshoni

Patrick Forrester - Shoshoni

Coleter Jordan - Shoshoni

JJ Pingetzer - Shoshoni

Wyatt Ramsey - Shoshoni

Jason Thoren - Shoshoni

Connor Wilkinson - Shoshoni

Will Bushmeyer - Wind River

Tristan Underwood - Wyoming Indian

1A West Offensive Player of the Year: Cole Hill - Riverside (Updated on November 24th. Bad information was initially provided)

1A West Defensive Player of the Year: JJ Pingetzer - Shoshoni

1A West Coach of the Year: No name provided