Runners will be off and running to start the season.

Beartrap Invitational (Kelly Walsh hosts) August 26:

Teams Participating: Kelly Walsh, Natrona, Cheyenne South, Laramie, Jackson, Rawlins, Wheatland, Riverton, Wyoming Indian, Wright, St. Stephens, Thermopolis


Green River Invitational August 26:

Teams Participating: Green River, Lyman, Mountain View, Lander, Saratoga


Newcastle Invitational August 26:

Teams Participating: Newcastle, Torrington


Star Valley Invitational August 26:

Team Participating: Star Valley, Evanston


Cherry Creek Invitational at Englewood, CO August 26:

Wyoming Teams Participating: Cheyenne Central


Buffalo Invitational August 27:

Teams Participating: Buffalo, Gillette, Douglas, Cody, Big Horn, Tongue River, Glenrock, Normative Services