A game that took to overtime. The Wyoming Indian Chiefs claimed victory over the Sundance Bulldogs Saturday night in Casper.

Both of the teams started the game hot. Austin Hill stole the ball to score on a fastbreak going on to score eight points in the 1st quarter. Sundance was quick to answer when Landon Martin hit a deep 3-pointer to swing the momentum.

The score at the end of the 1st quarter was 12-10 favoring the Bulldogs.

The 2nd quarter was very physical and hard-fought by both teams. There were many loose balls and a lot of fouls. Between the two teams, there were 25 turnovers in the 1st half. On the last play of the 1st half, War-Lance Black Shawl of Wyoming Indian blocked Kye Taylor.

The score at the end of the 2nd quarter was 20-18.

The 3rd quarter picked up where the teams left off with very physical play and loose balls. The Chiefs looked like they were going to run away with the game. Then Sundance went on a run to tie the game at 30 in the 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter was intense and hard played basketball by both of the teams. The rapid scoring did not begin until the halfway point of the 4th quarter. Derek Soundingsides for the Chiefs scored six straight points, but going back and forth Craig Chandler for the Bulldogs scored six straight points off of putbacks the game was tied at 38.

The game then continued and Austin Hills of Wyoming Indian scored a putback to tie the game at 42 for the Chiefs. The Chiefs then took the lead by hitting two free-throws, then with 23 seconds remaining the Chiefs turned the ball over and then fouled Gunner McLaughlin of Sundance he hit two free throws to tie the game ultimately sending it to overtime.

In overtime, the Chiefs had the hot hand once War-Lance Black Shawl scored his first points of the game. The Chiefs eventually were able to pull away.

The final score of the game was 54-49 Wyoming Indian over Sundance.

Derrick Soundingsides was the leading scorer for Wyoming Indian with 19 points and he also grabbed 10 rebounds, and two blocked shots. Austin Hill had 16 points. The team shot 40% from the field and had 12 steals.

Sundance won the rebounding battle but lost the turnover battle and the game. Landon Martin was the leading scorer for the Bulldogs with 16 points.

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