We have been updating things on the website, and eliminating a few bugs here and there...now we believe we have cleared a major obsticle.

Wyopreps.com is ready to begin school photo galleries. Simply put...we want to showcase your pictures! Each school page has (or soon will have) it's own picture gallery, consisting of pictures submitted by visitors to the site. If you pick a school page, then click on the media tab, then scroll down to where it says photo galleries, this is where the pictures will go.

For the moment, all the picture galleries are mostly empty, but we hope that some of you will help correct that situation. Email pictures to photos@wyopreps.com. We prefer JPEG or GIF files, as those are the easier to deal with. Please specify what the picture is, and for what school it is for. The bigger the picture, the better, just don't over do it. We can not enlargen pictures, because this usually results is fuzziness and things getting out of focus.

You've probably seen a few pictures floating around here and there, but the problem in the past was that everytime you clicked on a picture to view, the website would take you to a random page, not related to the picture. It took some time, but we think we finally got rid of the bug!

Pictures can be of any school sport, and we'll even use that picture of a crazy fan, cheerleader, mascot, or the coach getting a dunking, after a big win.

Again that email is: photos@wyopreps.com