The coaching staffs for the North and the South have picked these players to represent the teams and they are very excited about the commitment, skill and talent each of these players will add to the respective teams.

Head coaches from each of the high schools in Wyoming nominate their senior football players to play in this game.

The coaching staffs of each Shrine Team then select the 36 players that best fit their needs.

12 alternates are also picked in the event that one of the players is not able to participate for some reason.

North Roster:

Brecken Biggs - Natrona

Josh Flanigan - Natrona

Colter Bentley - Natrona

Dan Reese - Natrona

Adam Britton - Natrona

Taylor Bigelow - Gillette

Dani Fischer - Gillette

Justin Berkey - Gillette

Dylan Haddix - Gillette

Collin Eisenman - Sheridan

Nate Kane - Sheridan

Mitch Godwin - Sheridan

John Fabrizius - Kelly Walsh

Isaac Bayer - Kelly Walsh

Dewey Schwann - Powell

Tyler Patterson - Powell

Vince Sleep - Powell

Lane Savage - Riverton

T.J. Galey - Riverton

Tyler Rogers - Buffalo

Aaron Fenner - Buffalo

Jacob McGarvin - Worland

Colby Wortman - Worland

Andrew Linsenmann - Jackson

Matthew Wigglesworth - Big Horn

Will O'Dell - Big Horn

Lucas Wollenman - Big Horn

Dino Collins - Lovell

Cody Savage - Lovell

Dylan Hultgren - Lovell

J.T. Harper - Newcastle

Billie Gordon - Newcastle

Ben Mancuso - Burlington

Kory Butts - Upton/Sundance

Jesse Hawk - Dubois

Cody Flynn - Dubois

North Alternates:

Stephen Alm - Gillette

Arren Jones - Wright

Preston Davenport - Big Horn

Greg Lensert - Natrona

Ty Borgialli - Newcastle

Kevin Bakkehaug - Sheridan

James Caro - Kaycee

Dylan Marton - Buffalo

Marco Sanchez - Kelly Walsh

North Head Coach: Mike McGuire – Big Horn

North Assistant Coach: Kirk McLaughlin – Big Horn

North Assistant Coach: David Trembly – Dubois

North Assistant Coach: Andy Garland – Upton/Sundance

North Assistant Coach: Curt Mayer – Worland

North Assistant Coach: Josh Anderson – Natrona


South Roster:

Seth Edeen - Cheyenne Central

David Riedel - Cheyenne Central

Trey Herrera - Cheyenne East

Hayes Stone - Cheyenne East

Joe Ash - Cheyenne East

Austen Motily - Cheyenne East

Tod Wenger - Cheyenne East

James Marshal - Cheyenne South

Blaine Christensen - Green River

Dan Probst - Green River

Zach Huber - Green River

James Sedey - Rock Springs

Braxton Rosette - Rock Springs

Tanner McQuillan - Rock Springs

Zach Legerski - Rock Springs

Matt Johnson - Evanston

Wyatt Day - Evanston

Peter Trahan - Laramie

Nick Reis - Lyman

Cisco Taylor - Lyman

Nick Prusia - Torrington

Ryan Brough - Star Valley

Marshall Watkins - Star Valley

Derrick Wolfley - Star Valley

C.J. Allen - Douglas

Ty Etchemendy - Douglas

Wyatt Hopkins - Rawlins

D.C. Hall - Glenrock

Ryan Archibald - Kemmerer

Brendan Ruwart - Wheatland

Brigham Teichert - Cokeville

Colter Larson - Lusk

Zach Eisenbarth - Southeast

John Lessard - Southeast

Conner Lee - Little Snake River

Colton Wright - Burns

South Alternates:

T.J. Stark - Cheyenne East

Trey Herrera - Cheyenne East

Adam Sigala - Douglas

Kohl Battleson - Star Valley

Blake Wisroth - Torrington

Luke Barron - Big Piney

Waddie Love - Saratoga

Lane Nusbaum - Pine Bluffs

Kevin Christianson - Lusk

Justin Honken - Laramie

Wyatt Day - Evanston

South Head Coach: Mark Bullington – Southeast

South Assistant Coach: Shawn Burkart – Southeast

South Assistant Coach: Michael Bates – Little Snake River

South Assistant Coach: Dale Anderson – Lyman

South Assistant Coach: Mark Leonhardt – Torrington

South Assistant Coach: Brick Cegelski – Central