Video highlights of the Wednesday, June 10th Legion Baseball Game, between the Gillette Roughriders at the Casper Oilers.

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A rematch of last year's 'AA' State Championship turned into a pitcher's dual, but the bats showed up at the right time for the Oilers.



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The Gillette Roughriders at the Casper Oilers in a rematch of last year's AA State Championship of the first...Gillette batting...Jarran Arbach is going the opposite way and this ball will drop...the right fielder mis-judged it. The play ended up being a double...Josh Hughes is going to hustle in and score ahead of the tag, to make the score 1-to-nothing.

Bottom of the second...full count...Tyler Tennant with the pay off pitch...the batter thought it was ball 4, but the umpire said strike're out. Tennant had a pretty good game, and you will see more from him later.

Top of the third...Brayden Deere gave up that run in the first, but he was wheeling and dealing after that. He would go 6 innings and had a pretty good game himself.

Top of the 4th...the Roughriders would get a runner to third base, but Deere would make sure he would stay there. That would make sure the score would remain 1-zip for now, but his team needs some offense.

Bottom of the 4th...Oilers threatening, and this is what they did not want...Ian Durgin makes the catch and then underhands the ball to Hughes to double up the runner at the second, to take care of that scoring threat...and nothing has changed on the scoreboard.

Top of the 5th...Deere is still on the mound...and setting them down...that pitch caught the outside corner of the plate...Deere claimed 5 victims in the game.

Bottom of the 5th...this game was turning into a pitchers duel...Tennant will claim another victim himself. Pitching has been getting it done so far, for the defending state champs, even though the bats have been quiet for awhile.

Later...runner on second...and he's not coming home. Gillette pitching has been the key to their recent success and so far it's still working, but like I said earlier...they need some run production.

Top of the 6th...the bats were finding nothing but air. Pitching on both sides have been getting the job done, and so the score is still holding at 1-to-nothing.

Bottom of the's something different, but it still involves a pitcher...runner at first...and the Roughriders rough him up and pick him off. Derek Hooker was quick to apply the tag. There were a couple of other pick off run downs...but this one was more interesting to show.

More pitching...Tennant was bringing the heat and at times he was too hot to handle. So far he has made it though 6, which is what any team wants from their starter in a 9 inning game.

Bottom of the is where the tide turned...Trevor Osborn goes the opposite way for a base-hit...and then the ball gets away from the right fielder...Tanner Galey is already in, and the miscue would open the door for Ethan Leech. Casper has caught a break and now they have the lead, up 2-to-1.

Then they would try to build on their new found momentum...runners on the corners...looks like the one at first is going to be caught in a run down, but he was just a distraction. Osborn is making a break for home, but Gillette saw it coming. Hughes gets the ball to Drayson Hladky in time for the tag out. Good effort on both sides, and this has turned out to a good game so far.

Top of the pitcher for the home team...and same result for the opposition. Justin Petrossi is now doing the honors, and he was doing just as good. The visitors were having a hard time hitting anything.

Next batter...I'm no weatherman, but the forecast did call for breezy conditions. Thankfully for both teams, the rain held off just long enough to finish this game.

Bottom of the 8th...Mason Bonar now pitching for the visitors...and he would prevent the score from getting any worse. Pitching did its job in this game, but the offense has been MIA for quite sometime.

Top of the 9th...Galey is on the mound, trying to finish the job and he eventually would. This is the 5th time that Casper and Gillette have hooked up this season, but this would be the first W for last year's state score in this game...2-to-1.