Highlights of the Sunday, April 22nd legion baseball game, between the Gillette Roughriders and the Casper Oilers.

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Casper would score 10 unanswered runs to beat Gillette, who once lead 8-0.



You know it’s baseball season when we’re outside flipping the burgers on the grill. This guy has been ready for it. Make mine a double with extra cheese!

The Gillette Roughriders at the Casper Oilers…top of the first…Gillette batting with the bases loaded…Austin Tennant will hit into the fielders’ choice and all Casper can do is get the runner at 2nd, but Dalton McCann scores on the play to give his team a 1-nothing lead.

Later…runners on the corners…this ended up being a double steal and the Roughriders pulled it off…Tennant is safe at 2nd…Matt Fogle scores with no resistance…the score is now 2-zip Roughriders.

Top of the 2nd…they got the bases juiced again…Fogle is going to help unload some of them…this play only ended up being a single, but as long as it gets 2 RBI’s…I doubt he minds that he only ended up on first. Kadisson Wass and Tanner Rogen work their way in to double the run total…it’s now 4-to-nothing.

We’re still going…Westin Hinkel shows why he’s going to Treasure Valley Community College. His left field base hit gets McCann in and the visitors have a 5-zip advantage.

Still in the top of the 2nd…another one of those fielders’ choice plays and all the Oilers can do is get Tennant out at first, because Fogle was already at home to make it a 6-zero affair.

Bottom of the 3rd…Casper was trying to get something going. Brett Kautzmann is making a break for 2nd, but Fogel and Hinkel team up to take him down. So much for that scoring threat, and the home team had to try something else.

Top of the 4th…more from last year’s state runner-ups…Fogle with a pretty hard hit…Kyle Keith was able to recover and get the out at first. Rogen scores to make it 7-nothing…and a sacrifice fly a shot time later gave Gillette an 8-zip lead.

But in the bottom of the 4th…here’s where the Roughriders started tripping on themselves…a passed ball…2 balks and a sac fly…and just like that…Casper was right back in this game, down 8-to-4.

Bottom of the 5th…the come-back continues…Dillon Shellenberger grounds this pitch into left field for a base hit…Cody Luckow is already in and here comes Dan Reese…don’t look now, but that 8-zip lead has been cut to 8-6.

Here comes more…Cam Huber with a pop up…3 Roughriders are giving chase to that ball and no one’s going to get it. Shellenberger comes around to score…add in another sac fly, and this contest is knotted up at 8 runs a piece.

Bottom of the 6th…more Oiler hits and Gillette miscues…Shellenberger gets that ball past the 2nd baseman and into the outfield for a hit…but the center-fielder can’t handle it either and the error lead to extra bases. Reese is kicking it into high gear on his way around 3rd and he’ll make it in and score…to give the home team a 9-to-8 advantage.

Next batter…Huber…nothing fancy…just a single to bring in Shellenberger…Casper has scored 10 unanswered runs and lead 10-to-8 at this point.

Top of the 7th…Gillette was running out of time…they got 2 on…Zack Mathson decides to go after the lead runner heading for 3rd and he just barely got him. That play took some guts, but it paid off for a little while.

The Roughriders would load up the bases again and threaten…however they would stay loaded as Austin Zigray would ground out to 2nd to end the game. We’re not sure when was the last time, the Oilers beat the Roughriders, but this time, they were able to close the deal…winning 10-to-8 to salvage a weekend split.