Highlights of the Sunday, July 15th legion baseball game between the Jackson Giants and the Casper Oilers.

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After good pitchers duel early in the game, both teams would connect with the wood later.



It’s amazing where a foul ball can go these days. That’s not going to be a cheap fix, I can tell you that much.

The Jackson Giants visiting the Casper Oilers…top of the first…Jon Robinson on the mound for the Oilers and the forecast calls for breezy conditions. The senior had a good day on the hill.

Bottom of the first…Casper gets 1 run in on a sacrifice fly, but Tristan Shockley was not about ready to let anymore get by him…at least for a while, so he can go take a break.

Top of the 2nd…this game was a pretty good pitchers dual…Robinson claims another victim. He punched out 5 in as many innings of work, which is a pretty good day at the office.

Top of the 3rd…Jackson did a few hits in here and there and this was a big one…Shockley is helping his own cause by finding the gap into left center field for a double with runners in scoring position. Marc Rossolo is already in and here comes Christian Doyle, as the Giants would take the lead 2-to-1 at this point.

Bottom of the 3rd…Shockley still on the mound…and setting them down. He had 5 punchouts himself. Jackson beat the Oilers 1 week prior to this game, and they were looking to make it 2 straight.

Top of the 4th…time for some defense. Andy Renz skies one to center field…watch Tanner Fischer. Dives and makes the catch! A split second later and that ball would’ve hit the ground. Great reaction by the junior.

Bottom of the 4th…the home team was still looking for that equalizer. Robinson goes the opposite way and keeps it fair and wind up with a double when it was all said and done.  That gets Cody Luckow in and this game is tied at 2 runs a-piece.

Top of the 6th…the Giants started to connect with the wood…Rossolo send s fly ball to center field…this should be playable, but Fischer mis-judged it that time. He probably lost the ball in the sun. The play ended up being a double.  Here comes Renz and Zach Neuhous is not far behind him. Jackson now has the score doubled up at 4-to-2.

Later…Shockley with a grounder to short. This ball will take a bad hop over the shortstop and into left field for a base hit. Rossolo is already at home…Doyle is pressing his luck and he would make it in standing, to give the visitors a 6-to-2 lead.

Bottom of the 6th…the Oilers strike back. Fischer atones for his earlier miscue by flairing this ball into shallow center field. It was enough to get the job done as Luckow races in to score, and his team is now only down 6-to-3.

Next batter…Dillon Shellenberger grounds to 2nd and I’m not sure how the infielder missed that one, but he did and that hurt. Turner Hiatt touches the plate to make this a 6-to-4 contest.

Next…Brett Kautzman with a well placed bunt and all Jackson can do is get him out at first…Fischer was on the run when the play happened, and he scores…Casper now trails 6-to-5.

Next batter…Doyle goes the opposite way into left field to add to the cause…Shellenberger would work his way around and score. The Oilers would score 5 in the bottom of the 6th to take the lead, and hang on to get the win…7-to-6.