Video highlights of the Tuesday, July 1st Legion Baseball game, between Cheyenne Post 6 at the Casper Oilers.

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In a rematch of last year's AA state championship game, Post 6 and Oilers would go blow-for-blow against each other again, with the 5-time defending AA state champs, coming out on top.



They say a puppy can bring great happiness...and I think this one is trying prove my point by sharing the love.

Cheyenne Post 6 at the Casper Oilers in a big conference of the first...Casper pitching...Alec Myers is on the mound, and he would keep the 5-time defending AA state champs off the board for now with that strikeout and there was more to come.

Bottom of the 2nd...Cheyenne would show why they are the champs, and why the Oilers are 2-time state runner-ups...Brock Anderson freeze tags a batter, and this game was starting to look like a pretty good pitchers' dual.

Top of the 3rd...Post 6 has 2 runners in scoring position and Myers is going to make sure they stay there...that is how you pitch your way out of a jam, but the home team needed to get the bats going soon.

Bottom of the 3rd...they did just that...John Fanto will smack one into left field and it will get by Dillon Pilch and go all the way to the's an R-B-I double as Daine Ward comes in from 2nd to make this a 1-nothing game.

Later...Casper threatening with 2 runners in scoring position...Tannar Galey will send that ball deep to right...not deep enough to get out of here, but enough for a sacrifice fly...Fanto will tag up and score, to make this a 2-nothing contest.

Top of the swing changed everything...Isaac can't actually see the ball...but just watch the body language of the's back and it's gone...a 2-run shot, that will bring in Brian Lopez...and the visitors have tied this game up quickly at 2-runs a-piece.

Top of the 5th...Myers still pitching, and he would show that one bad pitch was not going to bother him...he would keep things under control for a little while longer.

Bottom of the 6th...the Oilers were trying to make something happen, but Cheyenne was ready for them...Taylor fires over to Tyler Lambert and they got him. You got to be real good to steal a base on these guys and that play was not meant to be.

Top of the 7th...the Sixers would start to find a crack in the armor...Lincoln Trujillo will go the opposite way down the right field line for a double...that's a green light for Jackson Ayala to go home and make the score 3-to-2.

Same inning...Isaac Block is going to find some room in right center field for a base hit of his own...Carter Mossey will work his way to the plate to double the it's 4-to-2.

Bottom of the 7th...the home team would try to counter...but...Taylor and Cameron Johnson had other ideas...and another base runner is heading back to dugout, and off of the score-book.

A couple of batters later...Casper would try again...this was close, but Taylor and Johnson have been practicing on this and they just barely got that one in...that takes care of that scoring threat and Cheyenne would go back to work on offense.

Top of the 8th...Spencer Dexter pitching in relief and he knows how to spell it with a in strikeout...that's one out, but the inning is not over.

A few batters later...runner on first and the defense would come through...Kyle Chuman...fields the grounder...steps on 2nd for one and fires over to Cam Huber for the double play...the D did it's job, now the offense needs to come through.

Bottom of the 8th...they had a decent effort going...but then the Oilers got a little careless...Lopez makes the catch in right for the visitors...that's one...and the runner at second strayed too far away...and Johnson will double him up and do the splits in the process. That was a momentum killer.

Top of the 9th...Dexter trying to make sure that the damn does not spring another leak and he'll plug that one...he just needed some run support.

Bottom of the's not happening...Connor Redman with some side-arm action to keep the home team at Post 6 would pick up a big conference road win at Casper...4-to-2.