Video highlights of the 1A Volleyball State Championship match, between Cokeville vs. Little Snake River.

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Despite losing the 2 previous meetings vs. the Lady Rattlers, including the regional championship match, the Lady Panthers would turn things up a notch and sweep their way to their 4th straight 1A State Championship.



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Cokeville vs. Little Snake River in the 1A State Championship Match...First set...Cokeville on the far side, wearing the black...Cassidy Harmon will come in from the side and she has a pretty mean swing...and it's fast too. That kill would put her team up, by a score of 9-to-6.

They had a good plan of attack as well...find an open spot...and attack! Shyanna McKinnon wanted the corner and she found it for another point. It would help keep the Lady Panthers ahead 10-to-6.

However, Little Snake River was not afraid of their opponent, because they've already beaten them twice so far this season...Courtney Kudera will put just enough lift on the ball to get it over the front 2 defenders...and that will drop for a point, but they still trail 11-to-7.

...but the 3-time defending state champs knew what they were up against...and they were starting to figure out the competition. Harmon gets another kill and that was almost deflected into the camera...she and her squad were still battling with a 12-to-9 advantage.

These 2 teams went 5-sets in the regional championship match , 1 week prior to this encounter...and the Lady Rattlers would use plays that helped them win that, and keep them in this one...Kirstin Gourlay knows you don't always need to use full force when you knock the ball over...they would stay within striking distance, down 13-to-11.

Cokeville learned some things from the last encounter and knew what to do...Harmon's kill is deflected out of bounds...that's one way to get a her squad would eventually win the first set, 25 to 15.

Now in the second set...L-S-R is on the left...Lilia Hedges was looking for a hole in the defense and she would find the other team was just a split second the girls from Baggs would build an early 15-to-9 advantage.

The Lady Panthers would get to work on a's Harmon again with a similar play compared to would work a number of times...right now they are down 15-to-10.

Little Snake River was also doing what they knew how to do best...Hedges again finds the hole, and gets the ball to where it needed to go...a pattern was developing, and the score is now 16-to-10.

There was some defense as well...Hedges is tallest player on the team, best that we can tell...there's a block to add to her total, and that would move the Lady Rattlers ahead 17-to-10.

Cokeville was not going away...they would stay after it...Harmon was leading the charge and it was producing results...this kill would give her team the lead, as they would go ahead 23-22, after trailing by 7 earlier.

L-S-R was keeping things interesting...and they would not fold...Addie Stanley is going to do what Hedges was doing earlier...if it works...keep using it...things are knotted up at 23-points a-piece.

The opposition would then get someone new in on the scoring...this is Elizabeth Dayton finding just the right angle, so that the ball would clip the fingertip of a few defenders and go away from the net. The Lady Panthers would win a hard fought encounter, 25-to-23, and take a 2-sets-to-none lead.

3rd set...Cokeville on the near side...Kataya Kallstrom is not wasting anytime...this kill is going to find the mark, and would put her team in the lead, 12-to-11.

Little Snake River was trying to hang around...there was a big open hole in the middle of the defense, and Kudera saw it and got the easy point...not much effort needed, but they are still down 18-15.

...but then the Lady Panthers would kick it into high gear, because they wanted to get this over with...and they were playing for Coach Bill Thompson's daughter Breanne, who is battling scleroderma. McKinnon says this one's for you and it was match point as well.

Cokeville sweeps the match and 4-peats as 1A State Champs.

Final scores...25-15, 25-23, 25-17.

The Lady Panthers would finish the season with a record of 18-and-15.