Highlights of the Volleyball Class 1A State Championship Match, between Cokeville and Lingle-Ft. Laramie

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The Lady Panthers would sweep their way through the regional and state tournaments, en route to defending their title.



Even though Guernsey did not even qualify for the state tournament…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cheering on your rivals in the big game.

Cokeville vs. Lingle-Ft. Laramie in the 1A state championship match…first game…Lingle wearing the white…Dallie Forkner is going to stick a fork into this kill because it’s done…that got her team off to a good start and they lead 1-to-nothing.

The Lady Doggers were taking it to the defending champs early on and that’s what they had to do…Kaylee Greenwald deflects a kill off of 3 defenders and the opposition could not adjust…the score is now 2-to-nothing.

But the Lady Panthers would get it together…Marissa Pope has herself a pretty mean swing on the cross court kill…that would get her team their first point of the game and they trail 2-to-1.

Lingle-Ft. Laramie definitely had the height advantage in this game…and that leads to defensive stops…like this one from Greenwald as she’ll raise the roof and deny access…this game is knotted up at 3 points-a piece.

And the Lady Doggers had their big girl on the floor…Kylah Meyer standing in a 6 feet even…and she’s just a junior…she can get the ball over the defense as well. Her team is still up 8-to-7.

More defense…Greenwald is a junior as well at 5-9…and she’ll raise her hands because she sure of that point…Lingle was doing well, but they could not get any extra room on the scoreboard against the opposition…they’re up 13-12.

The ladies had to work for it, if they wanted to win their first championship in school history…Forkner has reservations at a table for 1…the Lady Doggers go up by a score of 14-to-12.

But the Lady Panthers kept hanging around…Tessa Teichert serves up an ace into Lingle-Ft. Laramie’s face…and persistence paid off as Cokeville would win the first game…25-23.

Onto to game 2…Cokeville on the left…and we missed the early stages of this because we were at the other game that was going on…Pope is going to smash that one into the ground…her team scored the first 11 points, and now up 20-to-7 at this juncture…

The Lady Doggers just had a difficult time answering the onslaught of points…here’s Shaylee Rickard trying to make a contribution…but her team needed more than that, down 20-to-9.

Unforced errors played a part in this game as well...all that the Panthers had to do was stand around and watch. They win the second game pretty easily 25-to-12…and now lead the match 2-games to none.

On to game 3 and the score was not any prettier…Pope provides some defense of her own with a block on the near side of the net…she said after the first game…Cokeville had Lingle figured out…and scoreboard would show it...12-to-5 at this point.

Now Pope is serving…and here comes another ace…the Lady Panthers looked very relaxed and in control of this match, up 13-to-5.

Let’s get someone else in here…Kaylie Moyes would like to volunteer as the deflection goes the right way on the other side of the net…the end is coming…her team leads 18-to-6.

Cokeville could do very little wrong…even if a kill was blocked; it still bounced the right way for them. Cassidy Harmon will get a break to go her way and her team is getting closer…up 20-to-8.

Here comes more…Moyes sees an open spot on the floor and she knows where to put the ball that time…they are one point away, leading 24-to-13.

Try as they might…Lingle-Ft. Laramie dug themselves wayyy too deep of a hole to get out of…but they’ll be back...and so will Meyer because her team is only losing 3 seniors…now they’re down 24-to-15.

All right…here comes the inevitable moment…the set up goes to Moyes on the far side and she’s going to swing her fist, get the deflection and that ball is going down…game over.

Cokeville sweeps their way through the state tournament…winning in the championship match, 25-23, 25-12 and 25-15.

The Lady Panthers repeat as queens of the court and now have 19 volleyball state title trophies.