Video highlights of the Saturday, July 11th Legion Baseball Game, between the Green River Knights at the Douglas Cats.

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A back and forth affair between the first place teams in the A-League Southwest and Northeast Division, went down to the final at-bat, as the Cats would prevail over the Knights.



I suppose when you look at it from a dog's point of view...that first step can be a doozy. Hopefully this one will figure out that there's a short-cut underneath.

The Green River Knights at the Douglas of the first...Douglas pitching and Stryker Davies will get a batter to go down swinging. A good start, considering his squad got hammered by the opposition, 19-to-3 the day before.

Green River was hoping to pick up where they left off on that game...runner on third...McCaden Mikesell hits into the fielders choice...good defensive work by Tristan Gray at third...but Isaiah Munoz is going to make a break for home anyway. He would beat the relay throw and score to put his team on the board first, up 1-to-nothing.

Bottom of the first...the Cats would answer back...Ryan Lebert smacks a single into left field. Brayden Hunsicker has a pretty easy path home from 3rd base, and he would touch the plate to tie the game up at 1.

Moving on...the home team was having some success with base-hits into left field. Mason Barker knew what to do and he will get rewarded with a RBI for his effort...Gray scores to make it a 2-to-1 game and a bases loaded walk would push the score up to 3-to-1.

Top of the second...Davies was trying to offer some customer service...but no thanks...I'm just looking. Aside from that one run earlier, he was doing pretty good. The question was how long could he keep it up?

Next batter...this pitch was pretty...hope you enjoyed looking at it, because he's done for the inning. That would take care of that for the time being...and the boys in the blue would go back to work at swinging the metal.

Bottom of the 2nd...they did just least on this play they did. Gray is going to put some distance on this one...not quite enough to get out of here, but deep enough to get some extra bases. A double for the cause and 2 runs will score in the forms of Hunsicker and Lebert is not far behind him. Douglas was dealing with a 5-to-1 advantage at this point in the game.

Top of the third...the Knights would get their act together...Isaiah Munoz...and this is trouble...the center fielder is trying to get a bead on the ball, but it is not coming back. A 2-run shot...which also scores Tyler Bendetti on the play. That would close the gap, and now it's a 5-to-3 score.

Same inning...and the visitors realized that if they hit the ball might produce some results. Andrew Munoz wound up with a single after the left fielder could not make the catch on the run. Blake Gelinas can head to the plate at his own pace and his squad is only down 5-to-4.

Top of the pitcher for Douglas...Barker would claim a victim. This has been a pretty good game so far, and we saw a little bit of everything...and there was more to come.

Bottom of the 4th...the Cats would return the favor...Lebert is going back back back. Isaiah Munoz hit one out of here he had to watch one go over his head. Not his fault though. A solo home run would help open up a little breathing room on the's 6-to-4.

Later...the home team was pouncing on their chances...Barker is going to help his own cause by going the other way for a single. Gray needed to get on his horse and get going if he wanted to score from second and he would make it in. Every run mattered in this game. 7-to-4 is the score.

Top of the fifth...we lost this one for a went to left field...not center...look at the license plate on the truck...that's where it went and it's gone. A 2-run shot for Andrew Munoz who brings in Brendan Hopkins on the play and the visitors have closed the gap's 7-to-6.

Bottom of the fifth...the first 2 batters would reach and they were at 2nd and 3rd with no outs...Tyler Vendetti would stay clam under pressure on the mound in relief...that's one out, so he's not out of the woods just yet. There's more work to do.

Next batter...same situation...same result. Vendetti did get himself into this jam, and so far he's been able to maintain damage control, and stop the runners from advancing any further.

Next batter...he's frozen 2...can he do it again? Yes he could and he would. He had ice in his veins and never broke a sweat in that inning. Now can his boys make up a 1-run deficit?

Top of the 6th...Green River would catch a break...bases loaded...Gelinas hits into the fielders choice. Vendetti was called safe at home, because the umpire said the catcher's foot came off of the plate, when he got the ball. That would even up the score...both sides have 7 runs a piece.

Next batter...Andrew Munoz again...bases still juiced and he will bloop a single in shallow center field for a base hit. That would score Isaiah Munoz on the play...and the Knights are back on top...leading 8-to-7.

Meanwhile...the boys in blue also had a new guy pitching...Gray would take over and he would stop the bleeding for awhile. This game was a great tune-up for next week's district tournaments for both teams.

Bottom of the 6th...Douglas would fight back...Barker is going to find the gap in deep right center field...all the way to the wall, in what would be an R-B-I triple. Davies is going to hustle on the play as well, and make it in all the way from first, to knot this contest up again...we have an 8-8 score.

Now to just get Barker in...a team hates to see a guy get stranded after a triple...Austin Zimmer was able to oblige his team-mate with a single...that would put the Cats back on top...9-to-8 and a sacrifice fly would move the score up to 10-to-8.

Top of the 7th...G-R with a runner at second...trying to swipe third...Hunsicker almost reacted too late and Davies would apply the tag, just in time to cut him down, to eliminate that scoring threat...and that play was critical.

Did you see who was at bat? It was Isaiah Munoz...and you can forget about that one. He knew it gone as soon as he hit it. That last highlight was critical, because instead of 3-run shot...that ended up being only a 2-run homer...2nd of the game for Isaiah. So instead of an 11-to-10 score, it's 10-to-10, and that would set up some late game drama.

Bottom of the 7th...runner at 2nd for the boys in blue...Barker bounces a single off of the pitchers mound and into center field for a base hit...and then watch this...oops! Gray has the green light to go home and that's your ball game. It was a great contest between the first place teams in the southwest and northeast divisions...and in the end...Douglas would walk-off with the win...11-to-10.