Highlights of the Volleyball Class 4A State Championship Match, between Cheyenne Central and Cheyenne East.

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The Lady Thunderbirds made it 5-0 vs. the Lady Indians, winning the 4A state championship in the process.



It’s Halloween. He’s going for the weird look. Kind of like having 2 rivals school play each other in their rival city.

Central vs. East in the Capital City Clash…in Casper…this is for the 4A state championship…first game…East on the far side of the net…Kaylie Mossey caught the defense napping. You don’t always have to take 3 hits before you knock the ball over the net…her team is up 2-nothing.

Then it’s Kaycie Deporter serving them up…right on the line and the judge says that’s in and it’s a point for the Lady Thunderbirds as they would jump out quickly 9-to-3.

Central was getting most their points on defense and you need that sometimes…Hannah Jernigan is one of 2 players that’s 6 feet or taller, which makes it difficult for any opposition to get the ball over…the Lady Indians trail 11-to-6.

But the rivals did find a way to get over her…you just have to hit the ball far and hope it stays in. That’s what Amberly Chisholm was hoping for and it worked. Her team has the score doubled up…it’s 12-to-6.

Now watch this serve by Jenny Nelson…she’s on one side of the court and she’ll put that ace on the other side. Someone has been practicing. The score is now 14-to-7.

I said there were 2 people that were 6 feet or taller…here’s the other…Paige Jernigan…yes she and Hannah are twins playing for Central…they still trail 15-to-10.

Skipping ahead some…the Lady Indians needed some offense to get closer on the scoreboard. Ayle Wagner will answer the call with a cross court kill and that got Central to within striking distance…trailing 23-to-21.

Now this play looks almost like the last one…same setup, same kill…same person…yep, it’s Wagner. They gave it good run, but Central would come up a bit short in the first game…losing 25-23.

Onto game 2…east is on the left…Jenna Soto sets it up…gets it back…makes the kill and the ball drops on the other side…that would help get the Lady T-birds out to an 11-to-4 advantage.

However the Lady Indians still had that defense thing going for them…Hannah Jernigan will deny access, but her team will need more then that being down in a 12-to-5 hole.

They slowly would get going…here’s Lauren Lyons getting in on the act with a spike right into the heart of the opposition…they needed that one, as Central was still down 14-to-6.

Now there’s one player that usually does not get much attention on the highlight reel and that would be the libero…Thyme Cooke is going to dig up that point as she was in the right place at the right time and East would move ahead, 16-to-7.

We’re going to skip to a later part in the match…Sally Sanders is selling silly serves sometimes…the ace gives her Lady Thunderbirds a 24-to-11 cushion.

Central needed a whole lot of points if they were going to get back into this game. Emily Sheppard will score on the long kill that stays in…it’s a start, but her team trails big…24-to-12.

East was winning thanks to experience…having 9 seniors will do that. Chisholm sends a message to the line judge that this ball is in…and the Lady T-Birds take this game 25-13, and now lead the match 2-zip.

Now in game 3…Central now on the far side…and they were responding for awhile. Sheppard’s kill is deflected but it drops in the right place…they’ll take it. The score is tied at 5.

The opposition was not too concerned…this is only the 5th time this season that the 2 teams have played each other. They should have each other figured out by now. Chisholm sends a reminder that her team has won all 4 previous meetings…East is up 8-to-7.

Let’s get someone new in here…Morgan Muchmore likes it when the opposition sets it up for her…because all she has to do is knock it down…that would put her East team up 10-to-8.

The Lady T-birds were able to keep their rivals at arms length…Sanders finds the far corner and puts a deposit in that spot. That would ensure that her team would maintain a slim 16-14 advantage.

Later…this play was pretty simple…Muchmore wants more and she’s going to get it with a great kill to the other side…the end was in sight…her team is up 23-18.

Central still had some defense left in them…Hannah Jernigan wants to raise the roof again and she will with this hard block…that would delay the end a bit…her team was down 23-20.

East was ready to end it…not with force…but with finesse…Sanders applies a light push on the final kill for the game and that was all she needed to get the point across.

The Lady Thunderbirds…complete a season sweep of their cross town Cheyenne rivals…winning 25-23, 25-13 and 25-21 to close out the deal.

East takes home their first championship trophy since 2004.