Video highlights of the 2014 4A Volleyball State Championship Game, between Cheyenne East vs. Kelly Walsh.

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The Lady Thunderbirds won the first 2 sets, only to see Lady Trojans fight their way back and tie the score, but managed to pull it out for the state championship win.



Well...I'll give him this...we knew where he was in the stands, although I don't think announcing his presence was his intent.

Cheyenne East vs. Kelly Walsh in the 4A State Championship game...first set...Kelly Walsh wearing the green and on the far side...Lauren Lyons' kill is deflected out of bounds, but it gets the point...she's the transfer from Cheyenne Central, and now has her new team up 2-to-1.

Meanwhile...East would deliver some service...just not the kind that the opposition wanted...Lauren Hastings sends it over and it is not coming back...that would put her squad up 3-to-2.

They also had some defense...Sierra Stellern is one of the bigger girls on the court at 5-11...that means she will get some blocks and that meant some points as well. They still lead by a score of 4-to-3.

The Lady Trojans had their own strategy...just look for the hole in the defense...Molly Fretland found it, and put that ball where it needed to go...that would tie the score at 4-points a-piece.

The Lady Thunderbirds were mixing up their strategy...serving, defense and offense...Whitney Kailey has her kill deflected, but it would go in the right direction for her and her squad...the tie is broken, thus it's now a 5-to-4 contest.

These 2 teams have not played each other, since the season started back in late-August...Savannah Tate was wondering if the other team remembers her...they do East would eventually win the first set, 25-20.

Now on to the second set...K-W on the left side...Sofia Hof will raise the roof and deny access...that's what a 6 foot senior is supposed to, in order to keep the score close, down 9-to-8.

...but the Lady Thunderbirds had more power behind their have seen plays like this before with other players...Lindsey Grantz will knock a kill off of 2 defenders and the ball goes out for the would open up a tiny bit of breathing it's 10-to-8.

The Lady Trojans were able to counter some with speed...they set it up for Fretland and she has a fast arm that would finish the job...however, her team is at a 19-to-12 disadvantage.

Coming into this game...East was 3-0 lifetime vs. Kelly Walsh in state championship games...and they like it when the other team sets up a play...Grantz will easily apply a small tap and win the battle at the put her squad ahead, 23-to-14.

K-W needed to do something soon, but they were in a sizable hole...Lyons is going to swing her fist and produce results...she enjoyed doing that when she was in's now 23-to-15.

There were still a few more cards to be dealt...and one of them was an ace...courtesy of Kristen Franke...but they ran out of cards after that...the Lady Thunderbirds would win 25-16, and take a 2-sets-to-none lead.

3rd set...The Lady Trojans are on the near side and they have a lot of work to do...Fretland is going to get things going on this play which was a start, and her team leads 9-to-7.

East had another player to introduce in their lineup...this is Kayla Higgins with the block and she was usually the happiest person on the court, whenever her team got a point...this one would even things up at 9.

Kelly Walsh knew it was now or never...the first kill try was dug up, so Hof is going to knock it back down again, and this time it will stay down...they would maintain a slim lead, up 12-to-10.

Then the defense would show up...and big things come in small packages...Franke is only 5-5, and the smallest player on her team...but she did her part like anyone else would...that would moves things up to 23-21.

We had to play a little extra in this set...East wanted the sweep, but KW knew they had to win 3 straight of their own from here on out...Hof with a block of her own, and they would get this one, 26-24, but still trail the match, 2-sets-to-1.

Onto set number 4...and the Lady Trojans meant business...Fretland is going in your face with this kill for one point...and give her team a 9-to-8 advantage.

East was trying to disrupt those comeback plans...Stellern would raise her hands, because she's sure she would get the point on the block...and she the lead would change's 10-to-9 now.

More was getting the job done...Hof with another stuff and the ball drops on the other team was getting momentum, with the scoreboard reading 16-to-15.

However, the Lady Thunderbirds were doing everything they could to disrupt it...Cosette Stellern applies a 2 handed shove and it don't always have to go full power...we're dead even at 16-all.

The longer this match went, the more that East was losing it's edge, so they knew they needed to get this over with...Grantz will pound one into the ground...but they were playing catch-up...trailing 24-22.

Now things are getting of the serve...Kelly Walsh would set it up and Grantz would knock it down...thanks for the's 24-all which means 1 team is 2 points away from winning it all, while the other is 2 points away from tying this match.

We've changed camera angles...because the action is getting good...Lyons will provide a good highlight as that ball was just barley inbounds...that was big, because had it gone out, this match would have been over...KW would prevail 28-26, and tie the match at 2 sets a-piece.

Now onto the all important 5th's anybody's match...the Lady Thunderbirds would go back to what was working...Stellern's kill is blocked, but the ball goes out...that was what was working...9-9 is the score.

This next highlight was a big point...and East needed someone to make a big play...Stellern would step right up and knock it down...being the first team to get to 10 in the final set is critical...that is where they are...up 10-to-9.

We moved over to the other side, because that's where the mo is...but Olivia L'Ami says, not so fast...the pendulum can swing the other way quickly, and it did on this play...The Lady Trojans are still down 13-to-11.

After a timeout...the Lady Thunderbirds would regroup...match's not always about style...and Stellern said forget style...just give my team the point and the championship...and we nearly got ran over in the celebration.

For the second time in 3 years, East is the 4A State Champs, and they had to earn every point.

They win it in 5...25-20, 25-16, 24-26, 26-28, and 15-12.

The Lady Thunderbirds would finish the 2014 season, with a record of 30-and-4.