Highlights of the Friday, June 29th legion baseball game between the Sheridan Troopers and the Jackson Giants, in Casper.

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Jackson would build a 6-run lead, then hang on to get the win.



If only that thing had water in it, instead of air. With the recent heat wave, a water balloon would be a welcome relief right about now.

The Sheridan Troopers vs. The Jackson Giants…this game being played in Casper…top of the first…Preston Hadfield pitching for Jackson and another one is heading back to the dugout. Hadfield did pretty good in 5 innings plus.

…and his defense helped him out…Sean Riley and Marc Possolo team up to take down the runner at 2nd and that’ll take care of that scoring threat for a while.

Bottom of the first…Sheridan counters with their own pitching…Drew Adriaens…did anyone feel a breeze? Not a bad pitcher’s duel in the early stages of this game.

Top of the 2nd…the Troopers got their offense going…Will O’dell will loop a single into shallow center field for a base hit. Kelly Kasza is already in and Lucas Giesey is not far behind him en route to home plate…that would give Sheridan a 2-nothing advantage.

Bottom of the 2nd…Adriaens still on the mound…and setting them down. We don’t actually have any stats, but we can tell he’s had a pretty good season up to this point.

Bottom of the 3rd…Jackson would get ‘er going…Christian Doyle got just enough on that hit to get the ball past the 3rd baseman..that’ll open the door for Riley to score, and it’s now 2-to-1…and then a wild pitch later would tie the score at 2.

A few batters down the road…Tristan Shockley…he’s going deep…not quite deep enough to get out of here, but deep enough to go to the warning track. It ended up being a 2-run double for him as Possolo and Doyle go home to put 2 more runs on the scoreboard, and the Giants have this game doubled up at 4-to-2.

Around now…I can only guess the one-hundred degree heat was getting to a few people…oops…Shockley and Trevor Johnson saw that as the green light to go and they did all the home for 2 unearned runs…the Giants were in a good spot, up 6-to-2.

Top of the 4th…Sheridan tried to counter, but watch the defense on this one…here comes one out at first…the runner at third makes a break for it…great throw by Andy Renz and great tag by Riley to save a run. Good things happen when you pay attention and it payed off that time.

Bottom of the 4th…Jackson looking a little insurance…Hadfield helps his own cause with the opposite field single. It’ll net him 2 RBI’s in the forms of Doyle and Johnson…that would increase their lead to 8-to-2.

Top of the 6th…the Troopers would stage a comeback…they got 1 on a sacrifice fly…and got a little help here as the ball gets misplayed. Giesey was not even looking to see what happened…he just went straight home and his team is down 8-to-4.

Moving on…it’s now 8-to-6…Josh Loseke would give himself up for a run…Jackson gets him out at first but it allows Conner McCafferty to touch the plate…however Sheridan is still 1 run short, and not much else happened after this. Jackson would hang on to get the win…8-to-7.