Highlights of the Friday, June 29th legion baseball game between the Jackson Giants vs. the Rock Springs Mustangs, in Casper.

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The Giants would pour it on, in a 4-inning game in Casper.



I can’t say I blame them. With temperatures reaching the triple digits…I’d be sitting under a large umbrella in left field myself.

The Jackson Giants vs. the Rock Springs Mustangs…this game being played in Casper…top of the first…Jackson batting…Tristan Shockley is going to get the hit parade started by going all the way to the wall…he’d get a double for his efforts and a pair of R-B-I’s as Dylan White and Marc Possolo work their way around the bases to give their team a 2-nothing advantage.

Moving on…Kellan Johansen will knock this pitch right back up the middle for a single of his own…that’ll give Shockley in to put the Giants up 3-zip.

We’re still going…this highlight might take a little bit, but it’s worth it…Bral-den Jorgenson goes the opposite way into right field…good effort by the outfielder, but that ball will drop in for a base hit. Jorgenson got a double and a RBI in the form of Preston Hadfield…the scoreboard now reads 4-to-nothing…then a throwing error to 3rd base, opened the door for Johansen to go home…and Jackson was off to a good start with a 5-zip lead.

Still in the top of the 1st…Kolton Bleggi…that was not exactly his best of hits but that was not a good throw to first either on the part of Rock Springs…Jorgensen cashes in on the miscue to put the Giants up 6-nothing.

Bottom of the first…the Mustangs finally got a chance at the plate…although Jackson was more than happy to help them out as the throw gets away from the first baseman…Stevan Curry will go home and touch the plate, but his team is still down 6-to-1.

They’d slowly chip away at the deficit…Brent Rhodes with a single into left field…nothing fancy but it got the job done…Nick Blume will slide on in to make this a 6-to-2 contest.

Next batter…Chase Lambson will strike out, but it’s a dropped ball..Jackson goes for the easy out, however Rhodes would take advantage of the situation and work his way in for another run…now the score is 6-to-3.

Still in the bottom of the first…this play was a little strange…Jozet Hunter will put the ball in play…good job by Possolo at 2nd base, but the throw is a little wide and there was a bit of traffic jam at first. The play goes down as an error…Chris Nason will trot on in, since the ball went out of play…Mustangs are now down 6-to-4.

Top of the second…the Giants tired to open up some breathing room… Sean Riley will put some distance on that hit…enough to get the ball to the wall and get a double…Possolo broke a bit late on the play and so he’s got to hurry if he’s going to try to score from 2nd…he does and now the scoreboard shows Jackson 7 Rock Springs 4.

But what good is a double unless you have 2 of them…Shockley gets another one in this game…and I’m not exactly sure what the Mustangs defense was doing…anyhow…Riley touches home to double up the score at 8-to-4.

The hits just kept on coming…Johansen skies one the opposite way into right field for a base hit…Shockley jogs his way in to provide another run…Giants now lead 9-to-4.

Next batter Jorgensen…gets a bit of an assist from the pitchers mound, but a single is a single, no matter where you hit the ball to…Johansen is in, and Jackson would eventually go up 11-to-4.

Bottom of the 2nd…the Mustangs had to play catch up again…Riley Tolar turns on one pitch and deposits it into left center field for a double of his own…Curry will take a 90 foot stroll home and his team is now down 11-to-5.

Top of the 3rd…Rock Springs scores one on a fielders choice and the Giants get it back on a wild pitch so now it’s 12-to-6...Johansen is back at it again…this single gets Shockley in again to make a 13-to-6 game.

It was just single, after single at this point…Bleggi with a much better hit this time…Johansen is turning on the after-burns and he’ll race in from 2nd to make the score of this game, 14-to-6.

Next batter…Arthur Blue…fair ball…just past third base…here comes another run in the form of Jorgensen and this game was starting to turn into a rout with the scoreboard reading 15-to-6.

But Jackson was not done…White with another single to add to the cause…Bleggi scores and he’s telling Blue to come on in as well…the lead was into double digits as the Giants would eventually go up 18-to-6.

Bottom of the third…Rock Springs had a lot of work to do and it was not meant to be…we’ll give the last highlight to Hunter…this will score Chris Nelson…but the mercy rule would eventually kick in on this game. Jackson would avenge a loss from 5 days prior…beating the Mustangs…18-to-7.