Highlights of the Saturday, May 12th legion baseball game between the Riverton Raiders at the Green River Knights.

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An 11-run first inning paved the way for Green River in a 5-inning win over Riverton.



Well it may not be exactly a water bowl, but as long as he got his drink…he’s happy!

The Riverton Raiders visiting the Green River Knights…Bottom of the 1st…Green River already up 2-to-nothing…and looking for more with the bases loaded…Kale Eslick puts the ball in play and Riverton can’t handle it…here’s comes a couple of runs as Phil Martinez is already in and Nathan Smith is not far behind him…Knights go up 4-zip.

The next batter actually didn’t have to do anything…as the home team had runners on the corners and this would be a double steal as all hands are safe and Mike Pelletier goes home, to make it a 5-nothing contest.

Now we’ll give Andrew Mikesell a chance…this should be a routine ground-out play to third, but the throw to first by the Raiders is just a little bit short…Eslick cashes in on the miscue and scores from 2nd to boost the score up to 6-zip.

Still in the bottom of the first…all these runs were scored with 2 outs and the visitors did help out on some of them…like this error which will allow Austin Zegler to reach first and bring in some insurance runs…as Mikesell and Joe Wisniewski will head towards the plate and add to the totals…Knights now lead at this point 8-to-nothing.

Here’s where the big damage was done…Willie Zajic…and yeah he got all of that one, and there’s no way that ball’s coming back…it’s a 3-run blast and the Knights would hang an 11-spot on the scoreboard when dust settled at the end of the first inning…and they were now up 11-to-zero.

Top of the 2nd…Riverton finally got to swing the aluminum again…Josh Oaks hits the ball to just the right spot, so that by the time the defense got to it…nothing could be done. Nick Esposita scores the first run for his team, and they now trail, 11-to-1.

Moving ahead…Johnny Souza will reach first base safely as this ball would bounce and hit the shortstop in the face…it’s gets Gerald Childrers and Oaks into the dugout…Riverton is now only down 11-to-3.

Bottom of the 2nd…Green River was still taking advantage of the mistakes…Mikesell  is going to make it to first off of the misplay and here comes another unearned run…in the form of Pelletier…the home team was trying to end this game quickly, up 12-to-3.

Top of the 3rd…it’s now 13-to-3…Riverton was slowly trying to get back into this game…Baylor Beers with an R-B-I single to left field…and his RBI looks like Mo King as he’ll get in way ahead of the throw, but his team is still down 13-to-4.

Bottom of the 3rd…here comes that run right back. The defense gets the fielder’s choice out at first, but Zajic was pressing his luck on the play and it paid off. He touches home to put Green River up 14-to-4.

Here comes more…Keegan Mitchell smacks one into the outfield for a base hit…that allows Martinez to trot on in to give the home team a little more cushion room…up 15-to-4.

Top of the 4th…how about a little defense? Martinez and Zajic team up to take out the Raider runner heading for second…and now he’s heading for the showers after being tagged out.

Bottom of the 4th…Austin Cave for the Knights…and he’s going Captain Caveman on that pitch…sending it over the wall and out of here. A solo blast and things were in pretty good shape for the home team…leading 16-to-4.

Top of the 5th…Zegler pitching for G-R and he would eventually get the job done…a complete game 5 innings giving up 6 runs…that’s good for this early in the season.

The Raiders kept trying though…they got 1 in on a bases loaded walk…Rusty Davis will add to the cause with a base hit to get one more in…but they would get no more…as Green River would put the mercy rule on this game…winning 16-to-6.