Here are the post-season brackets for the 'A' district tournaments, to be held in Powell and in Jackson.

Games start on Wednesday, July 25th and run through Saturday, July 28th.

Two losses and you're out, but it is not a full double-elimination tournament.

The first team to go 3-0, gets the #1 seed going into the state tournament, and will not have to play on Saturday the 28th.

That team is done for the weekend.

The team that goes 2-0, and then loses, will get pushed into the losers bracket, and will wait for the losers bracket survivor, and play that team for the #2 seed.

Long story short...the last game of the tournament is not the championship game, rather it's the 2nd place game.

Only 2 teams from each district, qualify for the state tournament.

Click here for the B State Tournament matchups.

North at Powell:

Wednesday, July 25th:

(#2 NW) Cody Cubs 9 (#3 NE) Douglas Cats 5

(#2 NE) Casper Drillers 7 (#3 NW) Lovell Mustangs 4

(#1 NE) Sheridan Troopers 18 (#4 NW) Riverton Raiders 2

(#1 NW) Powell Pioneers 16 (#4 NE) Gillette Rustlers 6

Thursday, July 26th:

Douglas Cats 13 Riverton Raiders 10 (10 innings) - Riverton Eliminated.

Gillette Rustlers 16 Lovell Mustangs 13 - Lovell Eliminated.

Sheridan Troopers 20 Cody Cubs 1

Powell Pioneers 12 Casper Drillers 0

Friday, July 27th:

Cody Cubs 14 Gillette Rustlers 8 - Gillette Eliminated.

Douglas Cats 10 Casper Drillers 4 - Casper Drillers Eliminated.

Cody Cubs 5 Douglas Cats 2 - Douglas Eliminated.

Saturday, July 28th:

Sheridan Troopers 14 Powell Pioneers 7- Sheridan gets #1 seed for state tournament and will play Laramie.

Cody Cubs 13 Powell Pioneers 12 - Powell Eliminated. Cody gets #2 seed for state tournament and will play Wheatland.


South at Jackson:

Wednesday, July 25th:

(#3 SE) Cheyenne Hawks 14 (#2 SW) Evanston Outlaws 4

(#2 SE) Wheatland Lobos 11 (#3 SW) Green River Knights 1

(#1 SE) Laramie Rangers 15 (#4 SW) Rawlins Generals 0 (Ryan Spiker throws no-hitter)

(#1 SW) Jackson Giants 29 (#4 SE) Torrington Tigers 4

Thursday, July 26th:

Evanston Outlaws 18 Rawlins Generals 3 - Rawlins Eliminated.

Green River Knights 14 Torrington Tigers 7 - Torrington Eliminated.

Laramie Rangers 5 Cheyenne Hawks 2

Wheatland Lobos 10 Jackson Giants 5

Friday, July 27th:

Cheyenne Hawks 10 Green River Knights 0 - Green River Eliminated.

Jackson Giants 10 Evanston Outlaws 9 - Evanston Eliminated.

Jackson Giants 17 Cheyenne Hawks 2 - Cheyenne Hawks Eliminated.

Wheatland Lobos 11 Laramie Rangers 4 Wheatland gets #1 seed for state tournament and will play Cody.

Saturday, July 28th:

Laramie Rangers 4 Jackson Giants 1 - Jackson Eliminated. Laramie gets #2 seed for state tournament and will play Sheridan.