Now that the best in Wyoming have been determined, let's see which team is the best in the Northwest U.S.

The 2 Wyoming State Champs, along with the Wheatland Lobos move on to the Northwest Regional Tournaments.

State champs from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Washington (AA only), Hawaii (AA only) and Utah (A-league only) will be competing.

The tournament format is a modified double-elimination.

The first 2 days proceed as normal, then after the third day, the matchups are re-arraigned.

It leaves 1 team in the winners bracket and 3 in the losers bracket.

The winners bracket team will face one of the losers bracket team on Day 4 (a team that they have not yet faced), but regardless of what happens, that winners bracket team is still in the championship game.

If the winners bracket team wins on Day 4, then the team that comes out of the losers bracket, must win twice on Day 5 to win the championship.

If the winners bracket team loses on Day 4, that team is still in the championship game, but the championship game, becomes a 1-game winner-take-all, because of the loss on Day 4.

Long story short...the only time, a team has to play twice in one day, during the tournament, is the last day, and that's only if they have 1 loss.

In AA, the team that wins the tournament, gets to compete in the Legion World Series, to be played in Shelby, North Carolina.

A Wyoming team has never made it to the LWS. Cheyenne Post 6 has made it to the regional championship game 3-times (the last in 2006, when the NW Regional Tournament was played in Casper), but has been unable to close the deal.

In A-League, the season is over after the NW Regional Tournament. There is no Legion World Series for A-League teams.

Here are the matchups and schedules for the tournaments:

A-League at Wheatland:

The Laramie Rangers are in, because they are the Wyoming A-League State Champs.

The Wheatland Lobos are in, because they are the host team, which gets an automatic invite.

Washington is not participating. Therefore another Utah team has been added in to take their place. Montana had 2 teams in last year, when the tournament was held in Idaho.

Friday, August 9th:

Laramie Rangers 9 Nampa, ID 6 - Rangers were up 8-1 after 4, and held on.

Laurel, MT 15 Tremonton, UT 9 - Laurel scores 6 in the top of the 9th to pull away.

Central Point, OR 19 Roy, UT 3

South Anchorage, AK 14 Wheatland Lobos 3


Saturday, August 10th:

Nampa, ID 15 Roy, UT 14 - Roy Eliminated. Nampa was up 11-1 after 3, but Roy scored 8 in the 5th and eventually tied the score. Nampa got 2 in the bottom of the 9th to win.

Central Point, OR 12 Laramie Rangers 1

Laurel, MT 14 South Anchorage, AK 13 - Laurel was up 14-7 going into the top of the 9th, and almost botched it.

Tremonton, UT 12 Wheatland Lobos 2 - Wheatland Lobos Eliminated.


Sunday, August 11th:

Tremonton, UT 6 Laramie Rangers 2 - Laramie Rangers Eliminated.

South Anchorage, AK 14 Nampa, ID 2 - Nampa, ID Eliminated.

Central Point, OR 9 Laurel, MT 7 - Central Point is in the championship game! 


Monday, August 12th:

Tremonton, UT 10 Laurel, MT 9 (10 innings) - Laurel, MT Eliminated.

Central Point, OR 17 South Anchorage, AK 10 - South Anchorage, AK Eliminated.


Tuesday, August 13th:

Central Point, OR 10 Tremonton, UT 0 - Championship


AA-League at Eugene, Oregon:

Cheyenne Post 6 is in, because they are the Wyoming AA-League State Champs.

Thursday, August 8th:

Billings, MT Royals 15 Cheyenne Post 6 2

Idaho Falls, ID 12 Waipahu, HI 9

Richland, WA 9 Stayton, OR 3

Eugene, OR 8 Chugiak, AK 1


Friday, August 9th:

Cheyenne Post 6 5 Stayton, OR 3 - Stayton Eliminated.

Waipahu, HI 18 Chugiak, AK 1 - Chugiak Eliminated.

Richland, WA 5 Billings, MT Royals 4 - 3-3 going into the 9th, Billings scored 1, Richland scored 2.

Eugene, OR 7 Idaho Falls, ID 3


Saturday, August 10th:

Waipahu, HI 7 Billings, MT Royals 4 - Billings, MT Royals Eliminated.

Cheyenne Post 6 7 Idaho Falls, ID 6 - Idaho Falls Eliminated. Greg Ashley hits a 3-run HR in the bottom of the 9th to win it for Cheyenne.

Eugene, OR 12 Richland, WA 11 (14 innings) - Eugene is in the championship game! Eugene was up 11-5, but gave up 6 runs in the bottom of the 9th, which sent the game into extra innings.


Sunday, August 11th:

Waipahu, HI 10 Richland, WA 8  - Richland Eliminated.

Cheyenne Post 6 10 Eugene, OR 5 - Dixon Maggard pitches complete game for Cheyenne. Eugene committed 6 errors.


Monday, August 12th: (Times listed are Mountain Time. Eugene is located in the Pacific Time Zone)

Waipahu, HI 8 Cheyenne Post 6 7 - 1pm Cheyenne Eliminated. Waipahu scored 3 in the top of the 9th with 2 outs, to go up 8-6. Cheyenne scored 1 in the bottom of the 9th, and had the tying run at 3rd, but a double play ended the game.

Waipahu, HI 14 Eugene, OR 3 Regional Championship Game.