Highlights of the Sunday, April 29th legion baseball game, between Cheyenne Post 6 vs. the Gillette Roughriders.

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Both team had at least 1 big run inning, but the 3-time defending state champs had the last one, to get the win in Casper.



One of the many things you can do at a ballpark is work on your gymnastics skills…although I don’t recommend trying that, unless you really know what you’re doing.

Cheyenne Post 6 vs. the Gillette Roughriders…this game being played in Casper…Top of the first…Cheyenne batting…already up 1-nothing…Logan Followell gets a single for his team and then that oops by the center-fielder will open the door for some runs.  Zach Lain is already in and Landon Lybeck will take advantage of the situation to score as well…throw in a sacrifice fly and Post 6 jumped out to a 4-zip lead.

..and they would get a little bit more…Tyler Lambert with the grounder to 2nd…Gillette had a tough time getting ahold of the ball…Lambert would beat the throw…Brandon Anderson scores to give the 3-time defending state champs a 5-nothing advantage.

Top of the 2nd…lesson to be learned here…if you’re on first base and there’s less than 2 outs…do not take off on an infield popup. Tanner Rogen makes the catch for Gillette, and then doubles up the runner, for an unassisted double play…that’s good heads up defense.

Bottom of the 3rd…the Roughriders finally got something going...Westin Hinkel lifts that one into left center field and it will find a spot to drop in for a single…it opens the door for Dalton McCann to score from 3rd and that would make the score, 5-to-1.

A couple of batters later…Alex King will get in on the offensive parade with this little lifter into right field…Hinkel scores to make it a 5-to-2 contest.

Same inning…Andrew Youngs is going the opposite way and that will pay dividends as well. Austin Tennant is already in…and King is working his way around from 2nd…he’ll eventually touch the plate and last year’s state runner-ups are only down 5-to-4.

They were not done…Kadison Wass is going to add to the cause with a base hit to left center field....Youngs is kicking it into high gear and he’ll score from second and just like that, this game is knotted up at 5 runs a piece.

We’re still going…Rogen wants extra bases and he’s going to find the gap to get them…Wass has an easy time coming into score and Gillette now has their first lead of the game, up 6-to-5.

This ended up being a long inning as the Roughriders would bat around, plus a little extra. McCann collects another hit and get his first R-B-I in the form of Rogen, to polish off a 7-run at bat and the score is now 7-to-5.

Top of the 5th…Cheyenne would use a little small ball to keep the score close. Good bunt by Anderson, and the throw to first is wayyy off base…pun intended…that’s a green light for Followell…both teams would then trade sac flies so Post 6 was still down 8-to-7.

Top of the 6th…here’s where the most damage was done. Anderson had himself a good game as this base hit would bring in Landon Lybeck to tie the score at 8, but there was more where that came from.

Cheyenne was getting some well placed hits and the Roughriders were not always handling them the way that they should…The throw was high and Isaac Taylor will get around the tag and he’s safe at first…Followell scores to allow his team to reclaim the advantage, 9-to-8.

It got better….or worse, depending on which team you were cheering for… Lambert…3 defenders are giving chase to that pop-up and no one’s going to get it. Anderson does not hesitate and that run makes it a 10-to-8 ball game.

Later…bases loaded…Brian Lopez likes going the other way as well. It’ll only net him a single but he gets a RBI…in the form of Taylor…Post 6 is stretching their lead to 11-8.

We are still in the top of the 6th…bases juiced for Lain…this single was the most productive…here comes Lambert…and Mason Munford is not far behind him…Cheyenne is up 13-to-8…then a throwing error by the opposition opens the door for Lopez…Lain would score on a passed ball…Cheyenne hung up a 9-spot on the scoreboard to take command of this game…15-to-8.

Bottom of the 6th…Gillette has some work to do…this is not exactly what they wanted on this play, but it did get Matt Fogle in…however a comeback was not in the cards as Cheyenne would get the win in the end…15-to-9.