Highlights of the Friday, June 28th, legion baseball game between the Jackson Giants at the Casper Oilers.

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Casper would spot Jackson a 4-0 lead, before settling down and taking care of business in a wood bat game.

Alec Myers pitched a complete game.



I'm with this little one...if I had to eat strained peas, I would have more on my face than in my stomach as well.

The Jackson Giants at the Casper Oilers in a wood bat game...bottom of the first...Triston Shockley pitching for Jackson and he was delivering shock therapy in the early going. A good start.

A couple of batters later...that pitch looked like ball 4, but the umpire said strike 3, and another player is heading towards the showers.

Bottom of the second...still no score...and Shockley is going to keep it that way with a runner in scoring position. For awhile it looked like this game was going to be a low scoring affair.

But that all changed in the top of the 3rd...bases loaded for Sean Riley and he's going to unload all of them, by finding the gap in right center field...he would end up with a double and 3 R-B-I's...Zac Neuhaus is already in...and here comes Marc Rossolo with Tray Evans not far behind him. The visitors strike first and they lead 3-to-nothing.

Next batter...Cole Critchfield...this should be an easy ground out to second...notice I said should...he's safe on the error...Riley completes his trip around the bags and Giants are up 4-zip.

Bottom of the third...the home team would strike back...they load the bases themselves...Dillon Shellenberger will find some real estate in left center field to put the ball in...it opens the door for Cam Huber and Zack Mathson to head home as Casper would cut the deficit in half...now trailing 4-to-2.

Later...it's 4-to-3 after a sac fly...Cody Luckow is bouncing his way into trouble at shortstop...tough throw and a little bit off the mark. Shellenberger will head to the plate with no resistance in his way to tie the score up at 4 runs a piece.

...and they were going for more...suicide squeeze, but Jackson saw it coming...they pitch out...Riley will apply the tag...that took care of that threat, and ensure the score would stay tied for a little while longer.

Top of the 4th...Alec Myers pitching for Casper...and he had a good day...a complete game...7 innings...and aside from the 4 runs he gave up earlier...things went well after that.

Bottom of the 4th...runner at third...the Giants are going to try to cut him down at the plate...good idea, but the execution needs a little work...Brett Kautzmann is in, and now the home team leads, 5-to-4.

Same inning...Mathson will deposit a single to left for a base hit...but that was not the highlight...the runner at second is going to try to come around and score...great throw by Braden Jorgensen and Riley will put the tag on...as that would end up saving a run for the time being.

Still in the bottom of the 4th...Dan Reesem will dribble a ball into center field for a single...despite the bobbling...I think Mathson was going to score anyway...no error...Oilers now lead by a score of 6-to-4.

Top of the 5th...Myers is still on the mound...and setting them down. He did what he was supposed to do, and now he needs a little more run support from his team-mates.

Bottom of the 5th...they would provide...Huber will sky a ball into center field for a single...here comes Kyle Keith to push the score up to 7-to-4.

Next batter...Mathson...if this was not a wood bat game...that ball might have been out of here...a triple though is pretty darn good...Tanner Fischer along with Huber head home...that was all the offense that Casper needed...as they would go on to win this one...9-to-4.