Highlights of the Sunday, April 22nd legion baseball game, between Cheyenne Post 6 and the Casper Oilers.

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After trailing for most of the game, the 3-time defending state champs would score 7 runs in the last 2 innings to pull away.



Next time a team leaves town…make sure they take all of their stuff with them. Even the dugout railings still have that logo on them.

Cheyenne Post 6 at the Casper Oilers…bottom of the first…Casper batting…Dan Reese gets the scoring started with a single to left…that would bring in Jon Robinson…a sacrifice fly later would give the home team a 2-nothing advantage.

Later…runner at 2nd…making a break for 3rd…Logan Followell fires to Landon Lybeck who will put the tag down in time to cut down the threat…now the visitors can get to work, swinging the aluminum.

Top of the 2nd…this play was productive for both sides…Tanner Fischer in right field…I got it…I got it…I got it…he got it! The runner at first was not paying attention and he got doubled up, but not before Followell managed to trot his way in and touch home…Cheyenne trails 2-to-1.

Bottom of the 2nd…we’re going to try that play at 3rd again…this time they don’t got him and the ball would slip away…Turner Hiatt sees the green light to go home, which he will. Post 6 would counter with a sac fly in the 3rd to make the score 3-to-2.

Bottom of the 3rd…Isaac Brock pitching for the visitors and he did all the work in that inning, by striking out the side. We did not get his numbers, but he had a pretty good game overall.

Bottom of the 4th…Casper won the day before this game was played…and they were looking to make it 2 straight…Fischer gets a single to bring in Kody Luckow and the home team was in decent shape up 4-to-2.

Top of the 5th…runners on the corners…Jon Robinson to Brett Kautzmann to Hiatt for the 6-4-3 double play…while that was going on Brian Lopez who was the guy at 3rd…will take advantage of all the action and score…his team still trails 4-to-3.

Top of the 6th…Cheyenne gets a sac fly to tie things up at 4…Johnson’s single will add to the cause as he’ll get an R-B-I in the form of Lybeck and the 3-time defending double-A state champs take the lead, 5-to-4.

And there was more to come…Zach Lain is going the opposite way into right field…he’ll find some real estate out there and bring in Tyler Lambert…Post 6 would go up by a score of 6-to-4.

Bottom of the 6th…the Oilers were trying to get some more runs in any shape or form. This looks like a routine sacrifice fly to left. Isaac Taylor makes the catch…Delayne Doyle is going to tag up and try to score but they got him at the plate. Good throw and good tag by Johnson and that saved a run.

Top of the 7th…Post 6 has the bases loaded…this should be 2 and it was…just in the way that Casper was not hoping for. Dixon Maggard and Followell will take advantage of the error…the home team hurt their own cause with 6 mistakes…the score is now 8-to-4.

The visitors would then reach into their bag of tricks…suicide squeeze…the Oilers were ready for it, but Lybeck got in under the tag and scores. Good strategy on both sides…but something had to give and it did…Cheyenne is now up 9-to-4.

We’re still going…this play was a little questionable, but we don’t have the best angle on it, so we’re not going to say anything. The official ruling is fair ball…Taylor scores and Post 6 would redeem themselves from their previous loss…winning this game 10-to-4.

Cheyenne Post 6 at Casper Oilers - Legion Baseball 4/22/12