Highlights of the Tuesday, July 2nd, legion baseball game between Cheyenne Post 6 at the Casper Oilers.

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A huge base running mistake in the 7th by Casper, allowed the momentum of the game to shift towards the 4-time defending "AA" state champs.



He had to cover a long distance just to recover one foul ball in the stands...but in the end...it was worth it.

Cheyenne Post 6 at the Casper Oilers...Top of the first...Cheyenne batting...Dustin Parker is going to ground his way into a fielders choice at shortstop...all the opposition could do was get him out at first, because Cameron Johnson has already scored, to make it a 1-nothing game.

Top of the second...after giving up that run...Kyle Keith would settle down and things started to go his way. This game was a rematch of last year's state AA title game, and it was living up to its billing in the early goings.

Bottom of the 2nd...the Oilers would find some gold...Tanner Fischer is going the opposite way for a base hit...that would bring in DeLayne Doyle to tie the score at 1.
Same inning...a bases loaded walk would give Casper a 2-to-1 advantage...then Brett Kautzmann is going to sacrifice himself for the cause...he gave that ball enough distance that it would open the door for Fischer to slide on into the plate...to give the home team a 3-to-1 lead.
Top of the 3rd...Keith was packing the heat as the Post 6 bats had some problems trying to fan the flames...he wanted this game, and so far he was living up to his end of the deal.
Next batter...same result. This was a big division game for the 2 teams, because there is less than 1 month to go until the post-season.
Top of the 4th...Keith ended getting around half-a-dozen strike-outs or so...there's another victim, and last year's AA state runner-ups were keeping their rivals in check for awhile.
The visitors did get their moments here and there...this looks like double trouble...out at second, but great hustle by Logan Followell to beat the relay throw to first...that would enable Isaac Taylor to put a run on the scoreboard, and now it's a 3-to-2 ball-game.
Bottom of the 4th...Cheyenne would have their moments on the mound as well...Isaac Block had a pretty mean fast-ball himself and he got his share of K's as well.
Later...runner on first...and he fell for it...Block to Parker to Johnson for the pick-off. That would end up saving a run in the long term, and keep this at a 1-run game.
Bottom of the 5th...more defense...Johnson...to Tracy Calahan...to Parker for the 6-4-3, and you could sense the momentum was shifting over to the 4-time defending AA state champs, even though they still trailed 3-to-2.
Bottom of the 7th...this was the turning point of the game...runners on first and second with no outs...both would move up on this single...now bear with us, it got a little confusing...we thought the play was going to happen at the plate...instead all of the action was at 3rd...one runner tried to move up another base...the problem was that the runner ahead of him, was not on the same game plan. The result was mass confusion. Both runners would get caught and tagged out in run-downs for an unusual double-play. Credit to Post 6...that was some superior heads up defense, to get themselves out of a jam.
The Oilers though would get 2 more runners on base...but Block would make sure they stayed there. Everything was going Cheyenne's way, and now they got to get the bats going and get some runs.
Top of the 8th...the offense finally showed up...Parker is going to get extra bases on this one, and wind up with a double when it was all said and done. Calahan has already scored to tie this game at 3...and give us a moment...Landon Lybeck is going to come all the way around from first and go home...the lead has changed hands, as the visitors are now up 4-to-3.
The next batter is Taylor...he'll get a base hit past the diving shortstop...Casper's defense had to something soon, or else they were going to be in trouble...great show from Dan Reese in left field and Kody Luckow, who will put the tag on Parker...that would stop the bleeding for a little while.
Bottom of the 8th...now we got ourselves a battle...but watch this one...Followell did not lose sight of that foul ball...you normally don't see a catcher making a diving play like that...but he was taking no chances what-so-ever.
Meanwhile...the Oilers were still looking for that elusive run...Reese is at third...Cheyenne tried to pick him off and that plan went hay-wire...there's that run that the home team needed...and now the score is knotted up at 4.
Top of the 9th...here is where the flood-gates opened...Johnson is just keeping it simple...single to center field...that will get Dixon Maggard in, who took off from second, as soon as the bat made contact with the ball...Post 6 is back up 5-to-4.

Next batter...Lybeck with 2 runners in scoring position...going the opposite way is usually a pretty effective strategy to get them in...Calahan scores...and Johnson is not far behind him...3 big runs in the 9th for the visitors as they would go up, 7-to-4.

Bottom of the 9th...Casper needs something...anything...and they got nothing. Mason Munford comes in to get the save and did not disappoint his team-mates...as Cheyenne Post 6 would get a big win on the road...7-to-4.