Powell football player Ethan Asher remains hospitalized after he was seriously injured in a vehicle accident last month but his family reports that the young man has improved by leaps and bounds. We want to share with you what Andi Tiffani Asher recently posted on Facebook:

There has been a lot of eventful series since our last post. Ethan has sat in a wheelchair, almost every day since Tuesday and was even able to get an actual shower (first shower since Aug 27th). For a guy that showered 3x a day, I'm sure it felt good. He was able to help wash his own hair. Today he ate a pancake (first solid food again since Aug 27th), for a guy that could win any food eating contest at a local fair, we can't even imagine how good that was. Ethan has slept 5 hrs through the night the last two nights, which is his norm.

Ethan still has a lot of agitation and frustration, but he is learning to calm himself down most times without medication if we talk him through it and pray with him. We are finding out he has more fractures than what we were first knew of. Nothing too serious but definitely painful including a fractured sternum.

Ethan is still on red for keeping light and noise down. Still no visitors, but getting closer every day. We have moved out of high observation room and now in a floor room waiting for our next step. Either Denver, CO or Lincoln, NE.

Andi Tiffani Asher
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