Highlights of the Wednesday, June 6th legion baseball game between the Wheatland Lobos at the Laramie Rangers.

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Laramie jumped on Wheatland early and ended up applying the 10-run mercy rule to last year's 'A' League State Champs.



Yeah…I think he’s going to waiting a long time for a handout…but I’ll give man’s best friend this…good job! Good effort!

The Wheatland Lobos at the Laramie Rangers…top of the first…Taylor Boggess pitching for Laramie and he made short work of the first 3 batters…striking out 2 of them…you’ll see more from him later.

Bottom of the first…Scott Huckfeldt pitching for Wheatland and he had a bad day. Walked the first 2 batters…then Nolyn Carter would bring them in on this base hit. Tommy Johnson is already in and Tyler Mitchell is not far behind…it got even worse for Huckfeldt when he walked the next 3 batters…one with the bases loaded and that was it for him. Ouch!

Same inning…new pitcher…bases juiced...Alex Jordan gets an assist from the pitchers mound, and that base hit will net him a couple of R-B-I’s…Kevin Dooley has already scored…and Drew Burman is working his way around from second…and Laramie was making an early statement with a 5-zip lead.

Top of the 2nd…Boggess still pitching…and he’ll claim another victim. 7 K’s in 5 innings of work makes for a great day at the office.

Skipping ahead to the bottom of the 5th…no change in score…Johnson will try to change that.  3 Lobo defenders are giving chase to this ball and it’ll drop between all 3 of them…good effort though. Burman touches home plate and Abel Casas just beats the throw…and the home team is now up 7-to-nothing.

Later…Mitchell will dribble this ball into left field for a single of his own…Johnson will complete his trip around the bases, and Laramie was surprising everyone but themselves so far…up 8-nothing on the defending ‘A’ league state champs.

Top of the 6th…defense time. Johnson with the reach at short and he’ll rob Brandon Ruwart of a base-hit. Laramie meant business and they were showing it.

But Wheatland finally got something going offensively…they trail 8-to-1 on a bases loaded walk…then Tim Becket will sky one to left field and that also will drop between 3 players…it was enough to get Huckfeldt in and the Lobos now trail 8-to-2.

Bottom of the 6th…the Rangers would roll the dice on this one…Boggess did not have to run on this play, but he got a little bit of a break when the throw home was a bit wide…that would push the score up to 9-to-2.

Now this highlight took some skill…Abel Casas with a fantastic bunt down the first base side…and he’s going to make it to first base. Good job…good effort! The plan was to get Dooley in from 3rd and it worked…the scoreboard now reads 10-to-2.

Next batter…Jordan…he’s going the opposite way and this ended up being a fair ball..he would end up getting a double when it was all said and done and 2 RBI’s to boot…Burman scores from 2nd…and Cases had quite a long run from first base to home, but he eventually made it…Laramie was trying to put on the mercy rule on this game…leading 12-to-2 at this point.

The Lobos needed some defense and it showed up on this play…great snag by the shortstop…and they’d double up the runner at first, as Braden Fagenbush would temporarily stop the bleeding…but now his team needs to start swinging the aluminum or else, this game will be over.

Top of the 7th…Ruwart would avenge himself from earlier…he’s got some distance on this hit and the left fielder can not make the grab and this will result in some extra bases. Ruwart would get a triple on the play, which is what he needed, and he would score a short time later on a sacrifice fly to make the score 12-to-3, so the game had to continue, at least for another half inning.

Bottom of the 7th…Burman is trying to put the finishing touches on this game…he’s going to left field as well and that ball will be dropped.  That would open the door for Carter to come in a score and put the mercy rule into effect…and the Laramie Rangers now take over first place in the ‘A’ league southeast, with a 13-to-3 win.