Highlights of the Tuesday, July 24th legion baseball game between Cheyenne Post 6 and the Gillette Roughriders.

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Mother Nature interfered with the ending of a great game, between 2 great teams.



Don’t worry little buddy. Nothing to be afraid of…you’re just watching a baseball game and there’s nothing to go fetch.

Cheyenne Post 6 visiting the Gillette Roughriders…top of the first…Cheyenne batting…Zach Lain goes the opposite way and dribbles a ball into right field…that gets Ty Svec in and the 3-time defending double-A state champs are on the board, leading 1-to-nothing.

Then the Gillette defense would step up…as they would get Rafer Cooley to hit into the 6-4-3 double play…and Drake Kelley would apply the finishing touches to take care of that scoring threat.

Bottom of the first…Kelley now batting and he’ll find some room in right center field for a base hit of his own…Dalton McCann is going to get it in gear for last year’s state runner ups…he’ll make it in, and this game is tied at 1 run a piece.

Top of the second…pitching did well early on…Matt Fogle claims a victim and that’s hard to do against Cheyenne, but he knows what he’s doing.

Bottom of the 2nd…another thing that’s hard to do against Post 6 is steal a base and in this case…it’s not happening…Cameron Johnson puts the tag down, and this play was not even close.

Bottom of the 3rd…the Roughriders got the bats going…Kelley again and this would be an infield single when it was all said and done. The defense stopped the ball from going any further, but they couldn’t do anything with it…McCann is in again and the home team leads 2-to-1.

Moving on…Kadison Wass is going to knock a fly ball into right field…the outfielder had a shot, but he broke the wrong way on it, and that’s just out of his reach…and goes all the way to the wall for a double…Kelley is going to get it in gear and work his way in from 2nd…to give the Roughriders a 3-to-1 advantage.

We’re still going…Austin Tennant sends one up the middle for a base hit of his own…Turner Lofing comes in and Gillette pushes the score up to 4-to-1.

Next batter…Andrew Youngs…gets an assist from the pitchers mound and the Cheyenne infield would mis-play that ball as well…that play allows Wass to go home, and the scoreboard now reads, 5-to-1.

Cheyenne would get one in on a sacrifice fly in the top of the 4th, to make it 5-to-2…now in the bottom of the 4th…Lofing is going the other way…and hitting the ball to right field was a popular strategy at times. Lofing gets a double and an R-B-I in the form of Kelley, and the Roughriders got that run back…they lead this game 6-to-2.

Later…Wass…using the same strategy…opposite way…right field…double…Lofing would complete his trip around the bases and touch home plate to put the home team up 7-to-2.

Post 6 would get another run in on a sac fly…and 1 more on a wild pitch to close the gap to 7-4…then In the top of the 6th…Dixon Maggard bounces into a fielders choice and he would beat the throw to first…that will get Dustin Parker in and the visitors only trail 7-to-5.

Top of the 7th…they’d get closer…Cooley smacks a base hit into left field…that will open the door for Lain and he will not deny that invitation…Post 6 only down 1…it’s 7-to-6 at this point.

Same inning…Brian Lopez…nothing fancy…just put the ball in play and let the rest take care of itself…Cooley trots in to tie the score at 7.

Cheyenne’s speed was paying off…this should be a double play…Gillette gets the out at second, but Maggard beats the relay back to first…and that gets Landon Lybeck in…add in a bases loaded walk and the visitors would take the lead, 9-to-7.

Bottom of the 8th…Gillette will try to get back into it…Kelley goes the opposite way into left field and that will net him a RBI…and now the home team is only down 9-to-8.

They were going for more…but Lain had other ideas as he’ll field the grounder at short…step on 2nd for 1, then fire over to Lybeck, to complete the double play…Cheyenne needed that one and a little breathing room to boot.

Top of the 9th…they’d get it. Cameron Johnson will bloop this ball into center field and I’m not quite sure how the 2nd baseman missed that one…Maggard has the green light to go home and he’ll make it in standing…that puts Cheyenne up 10-to-8.

They were looking for more and Lain is going to give it to them…this shot is going deep, but not quite far enough to get out of here. It would go to the wall, and that was good enough for a double...Johnson is not wasting anytime, trying to get to the plate. No throw, so he’s in easily…and now the score is 11-to-8.

Every run mattered in this game…Lybeck is going to hit into the fielders choice…Gillette will try to turn 2 but again…hard base running payed off as only 1 out was recorded…Lain touches the plate to give Cheyenne a 12-to-8 lead.

Now going into the bottom of the 9th…the rain started coming down pretty good, but both teams were determined to get this game over with, so they played.

The Roughriders needed 4 and McCann would do his part…opposite way into right field annnnd that will drop in for a base hit…it would plate 2 runs…McCann would work his way to 3rd with 2 outs…but then the rain became too much and the umpires had to call it. What could’ve been a great finish to a great game, got ruined by Mother Nature…so Cheyenne got out of town, with a 12-to-10 win.