Highlights of the Sunday, June 10th legion baseball doubleheader game between the Wheatland Lobos and the Sheridan Troopers.

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Sheridan would come-back twice against the defending 'A' league state champs, winning both games in their last at bat.



Well at least they got their heads in a game…now if we can only get them interested in the right sport.

The Wheatland Lobos at the Sheridan Troopers for a double-header…Game 1…top of the first…Kyle Atkinson pitching for Sheridan and he has claimed another victim and hung up another zero on the scoreboard.

Bottom of the first…Will O’Dell has 2 runners in scoring position and he wants to bring them both in. His single to right field will assure that Kelly Kasza will score…and Drew Adriaens will kick it into high gear and score himself…to give the home team a 2-nothing advantage.

As for O’Dell…well he didn’t last long. Colby Geile and Braden Fagenbush team up pick him off and that’ll take care of that scoring threat for a little while.

Top of the 3rd…the Troopers come up with their own defense…Conner McCafferty fields the grounder…steps on 2nd for 1 and then fires over to Kaul Eisele for the double-play. Some felt that these 2 teams should have played each other last year for the A league state title.

Anyhow, the home team is making a strong case for a championship this year…Atkinson rings up another one and now it’s time to go to the dugout and start swinging the aluminum.

Top of the 4th…we lost the ball for a moment on this play, but this play should’ve been routine…Kelsen Young is the 2nd baseman and that throw to first was not even close. Tim Becket reaches on the error and Dave Nelson scores an unearned run…Wheatland now trails 2-to-1.

Now this next highlight ended up being something different than what you see, but it’s worth showing…Anthony Apadaca will fly out to center field with Becket at 3rd. There’s the out and Becket is tagging up. Matt Mullinax never got possession of the ball, before the collision, so the plate umpire said safe…but then Sheridan appealed to 3rd saying that Becket tagged up too early…and the field umpire called him out…so no run scored.

Bottom of the 4th…Sheridan looking for some insurance…Eisele goes the opposite way with a single to right field…O’Dell is going to press his luck and try to come in from second, and he’d make it in standing…that puts another run on the scoreboard for the Troopers who now lead 3-to-1.

As for Wheatland…Geile had a pretty good outing on the mound himself…here he freezes Tony Mort to end the inning…and now his team-mates need to get a little run production going.

Top of the 5th…actually it the Troopers giving the opposition a few free gifts…that pick off try went awry and it’ll open the door for Ty Pollock to go home and now the score is 3-to-2.

Later…more defense…watch the dive at short by McCafferty. He kept his eyes on the ball and knew where he was…that was just a great heads up play.

Top of the 6th…blooper time…hey ump…you’re out! Good recovery!

The Troopers were their own worst enemy at times though…that ball will get away from the catcher and Nelson will not hesitate…he’ll get in under the tag and score for Wheatland…who has now tied this game up at 3 runs a piece.

Bottom of the 6th…bear with us for a moment…we lost our focus, but got it back. Treyton Havens ended up hitting a sacrifice fly. O’Dell is at third and he’s going to cut it close. Great throw by Brendon Ruwart and O’Dell just barely made it to the plate ahead of the tag…a split second later and he would’ve been out….the home goes back up 4-to-3.

Top of the 7th…Blaine Geile is going to smack this pitch right back to where it came from. The single will net him a RBI as Scott Huckfeldt touches the plate for the Lobos, who have evened up this game at 4.

Bottom of the 7th…Adriaens now batting…you can’t see because of the protective fence but just watch Ruwart’s body language in left field…buh-bye! A 3 run walk off home run…remember double-headers are only 7 innings, so this first game is now over…and Sheridan gets the win in the end…7-to-4.

Now to Game 2 and this little one is a little suspicious about the camera, but as long as there’s popcorn there’s nothing to worry about.

Bottom of the first…this time it was Wheatland making the errors as the ball gets past Joe Hageman…McCafferty will move up 2 bases and score to give the Troopers a 1-nothing advantage.

Top of the 2nd…the Lobo offense would get going…Fagenbush dribbles a ball into left field for a base hit…that gets Hageman home to tie the score at 1.

Moving ahead…bases loaded…Becket is going the opposite way for a single of his own and he’ll get an R-B-I for his efforts…Fagenbush is in and the defending ‘A’ league state champs lead 2-to-1.

Same inning…bases still juiced…Apodaca is trying to unload all of them with this long ball to center field…not quite enough to get out of here, but far enough to the wall and far enough for a pair of runs…Braden Douglas scores from third and not far behind him is Nelson…and now the visitors have a 4-to-1 advantage.

Bottom of the 3rd…the Troopers try to get back into it…despite all the weird bounces this ball took…Wheatland would get Adriaens out on the fielders choice…but it got Skyler Dietsche in to make this game a 4-to-2 contest.

Top of the 4th…Wheatland would try to pile on…Pollock is trying to find some room in left field…Giesey tries for the dive and can not come up with the ball…the single allows Becket to go home and score to put his team up 5-to-2.

Moving on…Lobos now up 8-to-2…this was a play that had Sheridan scratching their heads…bases loaded…Nelson is safe on the error at first and he’ll press ahead to second…Geile scores…and here comes Fagenbush to make it a 10-to-2 ball game…and then another error by the Troopers defense opens the door for Douglas…that 3 unearned runs on 2 miscues and the visitors have a commanding 11-2 lead.

But this game was not over…Bottom of the 4th…bases jammed…this should’ve been a double play although we lost the ball…the Lobos botched it. Kalvin Eisenach is already in…Havens got the green light to head to the plate off of the error…the Troopers were slowly coming back…down 11-to-4 at this point.

Bottom of the 7th…the home team got a few more runs off of sac flies and passed balls, so now they’re down 11-to-9…Giesey is going to take matters into his own hands and deliver with a double into the gap in right center field…McCafferty is in…and Dietsche is not too far behind…an 11-to-2 deficit has been erased and we’re knotted up at 11-all…so we’ll need some extra innings.

Top of the 8th…Becket will check his swing for the Lobos but he put the ball in play…it actually worked as Sheridan couldn’t handle it…the visitors score 3 to go up 14-to-11, but like I said before…the game is not over.

Bottom of the 8th…Sheridan needs some runs…and Havens is going to answer the call…he’s going long distance to left field and that’s ball is out of here…a 2-run shot…that’s not what the opposition wanted to have happen in extra innings, but the Troopers still need 1 more…trailing 14-13.

Now on this play…good and bad happened on both sides…McCafferty will knock one all the way to the wall and get extra bases on this play…O’Dell is giving it everything he’s got and he’s trying to come in from first base…we got a play…the ball comes loose…O’Dell is safe and we’re tied…but McCafferty…the batter and the hero of this play…turned into the goat some-what. He wasn’t paying attention and instead of being the winning run, he ended up being the 3rd out. Bummer!

So we go to the bottom of the 9th…this play took some guts…Kasza flies out to left…Dietsche is going for broke…the throw home is off target is the game is over!

Sheridan with quite a comeback…they use late inning heroics to win game 2, 15-14 and would end getting the double-header sweep.