Here are some of the big performances from last week's football games:

Rushing:  Evanston's Matt Eddington ran 22 times for 249 yards and 4 td's last week.  Douglas' Tanner Miller went 32 times for 236 yards and 3 scores.  Jordan Millay of Glenrock ran 25 times for 201 yards and a touch.

Passing:   Josh Cragoe of Powell was 10 of 13 for 282 yards and 3 touchdowns.   Caden Coffelt of Torrington came on for 21 of 40 274 yards and a td.  He also had 3 INT's.  Kyler Robinson of Central threw 19 of 36 for 228.  2 TD's and 3 INT's.

Receiving:  David Reidl of Central caught 11 passes for 176 and 2 td's.   Lander's Tanner Simpson caught 6 for 131 and a score.  Colton Wright of Burns caught 4 for 176 and 3 td's.

Scoring:  Four different players scored 4 TD's this week.  Josh Flanigan of Natrona,  Ward Gordon of Wind River, Dustin Davis of Cokeville and Matt Eddington of Evanston.

Defense:   Nathan Egle of Lyman was credited with 16 tackles.  He ended the night with 34 defensive points.    Victor Decabooter  of Greybull collected 32 defensive points.    Donovan Valentine of Lingle had 14.5.     David Riedl  of Central had 3 picks.   Matt Eddington had 2 INT's.

All Purpose Yards:  Josh Cragoe of Powell 26 touches  354 yards.   Cody Vollmar of Natrona, 19 for 334 and 18 points, Matt Eddington of Evanston,  27 touches,  309 yards and 4 td's.