Highlights of the Saturday, August 4th Legion Baseball 'A' League State Championship game between the Sheridan Troopers and the Wheatland Lobos.

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Wheatland has now won 2 straight 'A' state titles, and 4 of the last 6.



This cat has it made…lay out on the roof…catch a few rays…maybe a few zzz’s and watch a ball game. You can’t beat that.

The Sheridan Troopers vs. the Wheatland Lobos for the A League State Championship…Top of the 2nd…Wheatland on defense…here’s Tyler Pollock to Joe Hageman to Braden Fagenbush who does the splits to complete the 5-4-3 double play…Fagenbush must be hanging out with the cheerleaders if he can do that.

Bottom of the 2nd…Pollock now batting…and he’s going to find some territory on the left side and that ball stays fair for a double…it’s more than enough to bring in Hageman and the defending A-league state champs are up 1-to-nothing.

As for Sheridan...they had Kalvin Eisenach on the mound…he pitched a complete game on the first day of the tournament, and he had both good and not so good moments in this game…that was one of the good ones.

Top of the 3rd…here comes the Troopers…Connor McCafferty dribbles a ball that just gets past the defense and into the outfield for a base hit…Treyton Havens is going motor his way in from  second…and he’ll tie this game up at 1 run a piece.

Bottom of the 3rd…the Lobo bats strike again…Anthony Apodaca…showing why he’s the M-V-P of the tournament…he’ll find the gap in left center field and that’ll net him a double and 2 R-B-I’s…David Nelson is in and here comes Timothy Becket…Wheatland take a 3-to-1 lead on the scoreboard.

Next batter…Brendon Ruwart…adding to the cause with a single…Apodaca is kicking it into high gear and he’s trying to make it in from 2nd…he would as the throw was cut off, so he scored easily…and now his team has a 4-to-1 advantage.

Bottom of the 4th…the Sheridan defense had their moments as well…Havens…to McCafferty…to Kelly Kasza for the 4-6-3, and that took care of that. The Troopers came into this game with 49 wins…the most wins in team history.

Bottom of the 5th…here we go again…this time it’s Will O’Dell, to McCafferty to Kasza for the 5-4-3 put out. Defense has helped paved the way for Sheridan up to this point.

Top of the 6th…Colby Geile pitching for Wheatland and that would be his first victim of the game…but he got himself into trouble after that…by giving up a base loaded walk to make the score 4-to-2.

But his team-mates would bail him out…this ball has trouble written all over it…on the right side of your screen is Hageman…over the shoulder and he makes the back-handed catch. Way to keep your eye on the ball and get your pitcher out of a jam…no further damage done.

Top of the 7th…Geile trying to recover from the near disaster and he would. He’d make it into the 8th before getting himself into another situation.

Bottom of the 7th…Wheatland was looking for some insurance…Apodaca is going the opposite way…Drew Adriaens  gives chase in right field and he’s not going to get it…Braden Douglas along with Becket get the green light to home and you did not need to tell them twice…that pushes their advantage up to 6-to-2.

Next batter…Hageman…going the opposite way as well, although this was not as dramatic…Apodaca is going to press his luck and try to make it in from second…and he would when catcher mis-handled the throw…that scores another run and it’s now a 7-to-2 contest.

Later…Fagenbush…skies one to center…and that will drop in for a single of his own and net him a RBI in the process…here comes Hageman as he will touch the plate…and the Lobos were in really good shape leading this game, 8-to-2.

Top of the 8th…the Troopers would try to get back into it…Eisenach is trying to help his own cause and he delivered by getting this ball past the third baseman and into left field for a base hit…it would plate Joshua Loseke and Adrians…Sheridan is still being doubled up though, 8-to-4.

But the comeback was cutoff on this play…Pollock fields the grounder at 3rd…steps on the bag for 1 out…then fires across the diamond to Fagenbush in time to complete the double play…that was a momentum killer.

Bottom of the 8th…unfortunately Sheridan was not quite the same after that…this should’ve been a routine ground out, but the ball bobbled and there’s no play to be had…Hucfeldt trots in on the error, to give the Lobos a 9-to-4 advantage.

Top of the 9th…the inevitable was coming…Pollock is pitching in relief and he claims a victim of his own, and makes it look like another day at the office.

Let’s wrap this up…easy pop-up…who’s getting it? Fagenbush or Hageman? It ended up being Hageman and that’s the ball game.

The Wheatland Lobos…successfully defend their ‘A’ league state championship and make it 4 of the last 6…final score…9-to-4.

They will head to the A League northwest regional tournament in Burley, Idaho…with a record of 28 and 19.