Members of the Wyoming Coaches Association have voted on the best 1A Football players for 2018.

Carson Bates - Big Horn

Will Pelissier - Big Horn

Quinn McCafferty - Big Horn

Kade Eisele - Big Horn

Kade VanDyken - Big Horn

Liam Greenelsh - Big Horn

Kyler Ostler - Big Horn

Jack Nance - Big Horn

Ryan Johnson - Big Horn

Cutler Bradshaw - Big Horn

Jaxon Parker - Big Horn

Nolan Rader - Big Horn

Seth Mullinax - Big Horn

Andrew Fornstrom - Pine Bluffs

Brian Steger - Pine Bluffs

Hunter Jeffres - Pine Bluffs

Brad Shmidl - Pine Bluffs

Dax Yeradi - Wright

Ian Knudsen - Wright

Phoenix Buske - Wright

Bentley Johnson - Cokeville

Ammon Teichert - Cokeville

Jake Harmon - Cokeville

Lochlyn Teichert - Cokeville

Andrew Thomas - Cokeville

Brayden Johnson - Cokeville

Devan Moody - Cokeville

Haydon Hatch - Cokeville

Kye Taylor - Upton-Sundance

Clayton Louderback - Upton-Sundance

Tanner Hofland - Upton-Sundance

Jayden Caylor - Upton-Sundance

Jarrett Schloredt - Upton-Sundance

Drake Lamp - Lusk

Damien Molzahn - Lusk

Zack Shankey - Tongue River

AJ Lytton - Tongue River

Jaren Guina - Wind River

Colton Befus - Wind River

Cason James - Rocky Mountain

1A Offensive Player of the Year: Bentley Johnson - Cokeville

1A Defensive Player of the Year: Kade Eisle - Big Horn

1A Lineman of the Year: Seth Mullinax - Big Horn

1A Coach of the Year: Kirk McLaughlin - Big Horn

1A Assistant Coach of the Year: Andrew Marcure - Big Horn

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