Wyoming Legion Baseball A-League Coaches have voted on which players they believe are the best in the North and South.

North First Team:

Cameron Wright - Cody Cubs

Jared Grenz - Cody Cubs

Jordan Wasia - Cody Cubs

Keegan Brown - Cody Cubs

Cooper Brown - Cody Cubs

Parker Shreve - Cody Cubs

Cole Wambeke - Lovell Mustangs

Dawson Forcella - Lovell Mustangs

Riley Hill - Lovell Mustangs

Carson Asher - Powell Pioneers

Ridge MCoy - Riverton Raiders

Baylor Beers - Riverton Raiders


South First Team:

Mat Semler - Cheyenne Hawks

RJ Prince - Cheyenne Hawks

Nico Vite - Cheyenne Hawks

Mason Barker - Douglas Cats

Stryker Davies - Douglas Cats

Zack Slone - Douglas Cats

Tyler Vendetti - Green River Knights

Brendan Hopkins - Green River Knights

Andrew Munoz - Green River Knights

Black Gelinas - Green River Knights

Dan Chesser - Wheatland Lobos

Kyle Pollock - Wheatland Lobos


North Second Team:

Dallin Jones - Cody Cubs

Justin Bacus - Lovell Mustangs

Jeremy Schneider - Lovell Mustangs

Dakota Bond - Lovell Mustangs

Gehrig Sweat - Lovell Mustangs

Teagan Cordes - Powell Pioneers

Kaden Moore - Powell Pioneers

Ezra Andreasen - Powell Pioneers

Steven Reinig - Riverton Raiders

Tyler Landis - Riverton Raiders

Dalton Baldes - Riverton Raiders


South Second Team:

Jamis Lopez - Cheyenne Hawks

Cody Brooks - Cheyenne Hawks

Max Pedroza - Cheyenne Hawks

Ryan Lebert - Douglas Cats

Ty Kelley - Douglas Cats

Brayden Hunsicker - Douglas Cats

Dillon Silzell - Douglas Cats

Trevor Zumwalt - Green River Knights

Josh Madsen - Wheatland Lobos

Trevor Vaugn - Wheatland Lobos


North Coach of the Year: Bart Grenz - Cody Cubs

South Coach of the Year: Todd Howard - Cheyenne Hawks

North Player of the Year: Cameron Wright - Cody Cubs

South Player of the Year: Mat Semler - Cheyenne Hawks

North Pitcher of the Year: Cameron Wright - Cody Cubs

South Pitcher of the Year: R.J. Prince - Cheyenne Hawks AND Stryker Davies - Douglas Cats