The awesome part about Hail Mary plays is when they actually work.

It worked to a degree in Cokeville, but they needed 12 more yards, when it was all said and done.

Trying to force overtime in a 16-8 semi-final game vs. Southeast, the Panthers had to go 76 yards in 1 play, and needed whatever they could get.

They play worked, but the end result was not enough yardage.

Quarterback Jonathan Fiscus uncorked a high pass an unknown receiver that was triple covered at midfield.

The Southeast defense did what any defender was supposed to do...knock the ball down.

Normally, that would result in an incomplete pass and the game would be over...unless another Cokeville player just happened to be standing in the right place at the right time.

Colter Linford caught the deflection at his own 45 yard line, got around the pile of fallen players, and starting running down the far sideline, for what looked like was going to be a Hail Mary touchdown and a possible tie game.

That is until freshman cornerback Jeff Burroughs, caught up, got his hands on Linford at the 15, and pulled him down at the 12 to end the game.

That tackle ensured that the Southeast Cyclones would return to Laramie to play for the 1A state championship, and the defending champs would stay home.

We'll post the rest of the highlights of this game later.